Storing Onions: What’s The Right Way?

The onion is quite robust and has a long shelf life. However, there are a few things to consider when storing onions and wanting to keep them longer.

Onions are part of the cooking routine in most households – after all, they add flavor and flavor to many dishes. In addition, the onion is versatile and a healthy vegetable. In principle, you can store onions for a long time if you pay attention to these points.

Storing onions: Freshness is what counts

Even when buying, it is important to ensure that the shell is undamaged and dry. The onions should be firm and crisp. If they have soft spots or green shoots, it means: hands off! Onions can only be stored for a long time if they are really fresh.

Store onions correctly: you should pay attention to this

The aim is that the onions do not rot from the inside and lose their aroma. But storing them correctly is not that difficult – this way the round vegetables stay fresh for a long time:

  • Onions need to be stored in an airy, cool, dry and dark place, preferably in the cellar – then you can keep them for months.
  • Under no circumstances should onions be wrapped in foil or bags or stored in plastic containers.
  • Storage in a basket or net placed or hung in a dark place is ideal.
  • In the kitchen, at higher temperatures and humidity, onions can only be kept for around two weeks.
  • Always leave the onions in their skins and only peel them when they are to be processed.

Can you store onions in the fridge?

That’s not a good idea: They’re stored there in a cool and mostly dark place – but they don’t get enough air. The most important point, however, is that onions are sensitive to cold and lose their aroma in the refrigerator. However, red and spring onions are an exception: it is advisable to store them in the refrigerator or in the vegetable compartment. They will last longer but should be used within a week.

How should you store a sliced onion?

Once the onion has been cut, it should be placed in a sealed container, cut side down, and refrigerated. It will keep like this for about four days – but it is better to use it up as soon as possible.

Important: A cut onion should never be packed in aluminum foil – it not only tastes metallic, but also absorbs the harmful substances.

Do not store potatoes and onions together

Although both vegetables like the same storage — cool, dry, and dark — potatoes and onions don’t make good neighbors: the onions absorb the moisture from the potatoes and rot quickly. Both should therefore be kept separately from each other. If you follow these tips, storing onions is not a problem, even for months.

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