Strammen Max

A typical North German dish – a recipe for the perfect “Strammen Max”

Sometimes it just has to be easy

In the haute cuisine of some posh restaurants, you can follow a certain trend: Simple recipes should create an authentic taste experience and allow you to taste every single high-quality ingredient. And what they can do, they’ve been doing for a long time. After all, typical North German dishes thrive on their simplicity and their fresh, regional ingredients.

One of these dishes is the Stramme Max. It is actually a simple sandwich with ham and fried eggs. But as is so often the case with uncomplicated dishes, preferences differ and the variants are numerous.

The ideal ingredients for the perfect Strammen Max

Bread, butter, ham, a fried egg, salt, and pepper: that’s all you need to be full and happy. We want to show you what kind of ingredients you should use for the perfect Tight Max.

Ideal basis: brown bread

We Germans are bread world champions, there are more than 300 types of bread in this country. If you think that brown bread sounds a bit unsexy, you can also call it mixed rye bread. Its taste is quite different from its name, namely extremely appealing! A finger-thick slice of fresh brown bread with a hard crust and a fluffy crumb is the ideal basis for the perfect Strammen Max.

The icing on the cake: fried eggs

When it comes to eggs, the following applies the fresher, the better! With fresh eggs, the yolk and white stick together well, so the egg does not fall apart when frying. Always use a coated pan for a fried egg. Alternatively, you can use vegetable oil or butter for frying. Carefully crack the egg open and gently slide the contents into the hot pan. How firm you want the fried egg to depend on your personal preference.

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