Stress and Fatigue: How Much Instant and Brewed Coffee Can You Drink Per Day

The dosage of coffee during brewing must also be correct. Coffee can be brewed or instant, and the safe amount of consumption depends on the type.

Coffee production expert Khrystyna Radchuk notes that it is better for a person to consume up to one cup of instant coffee and up to five cups of natural coffee per day.

However, the second option also has its own nuance. She notes that people over 45 are advised to drink only natural coffee, and if you want to indulge in instant coffee, then no more than one cup.

Also, when talking about brewed coffee, you need to take into account the big difference between Arabica and Robusta. Properly brewed coffee made from Arabica beans can be drunk up to 5 cups, while Robusta can be drunk up to 2-3 cups a day.

How to drink coffee correctly

The dosage of coffee during preparation must also be correct. A professional coffee machine will make 30 ml of espresso for 17 grams of coffee.

It can also be diluted with water, but always hot. Instant coffee should be diluted in the ratio of 2 grams per 120 ml of water.

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