Tempeh: This is How Healthy The Fermented Soy Product Is

Tempeh is a healthy source of protein for the future

Not only vegetarians and vegans are looking for a healthy and protein-rich alternative to meat. More and more people eat consciously, varied and low meat. If you want to change your diet in this direction, you should pay attention to tempeh.

  • The first nutrient you are likely to associate with tempeh is protein. Because tempeh is made from soybeans, which in turn are one of the main sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans.
  • The protein contained in tempeh is very compatible with our metabolism and promotes muscle building.
  • There are 19g of protein in 100g of the soy product, so its content is very similar to that of meat. So you can easily replace a piece of meat with tempeh.
  • If you consume more vegetable protein, you can also do something good for the environment and the ecosystem. Eating more meat not only poses a risk to your health but also harms our planet.

Source of healthy nutrients: tempeh

There is more to tempeh than just high-quality protein. The product made from soy offers a variety of important vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. These can cover a large part of the planned daily doses and thus actively contribute to your health.

  • Due to fermentation, a kind of fermentation, tempeh is often more digestible than other soy products. The high fiber content also means that many people tolerate it better. This is also higher than in the more well-known tofu.
  • In addition, tempeh contains whole soybeans, not just soy milk like tofu. The whole bean with its nutrients is therefore preserved. This makes the meat alternative not only healthier but also more interesting in taste and bite. You can find suggestions for preparing tempeh in one or the other soy cookbook.
  • B vitamins can also be found in tempeh. Especially vitamin B2, which is very important for human energy balance. Furthermore, vitamin B7 can be mentioned, this is of essential importance for the strength of your skin and hair. Vitamin B9 in particular, better known as folic acid, is of immense importance, especially for women during pregnancy, for example for building DNA and for cell division.
  • In addition to vitamins, you can also take in plenty of minerals with the soy product. For example, if you eat 150g of tempeh, you have already covered your daily magnesium requirement. The mineral is good for the heart, bones, and the stability of the human skeleton.

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