That’s What The Hole in The Spaghetti Ladle is For

Hole in the spaghetti ladle: water?

  • Most people believe that the hole in the spaghetti ladle is only there so that the pasta water can drain out. But the inventors had something completely different in mind.
  • Because the classic way of cooking spaghetti is to pour off the water at the end. Then the spaghetti will not be soggy. The hole in the trowel would then also be superfluous. Instead, the hole is used to measure the amount of spaghetti.

The secret behind the hole in the ladle: determining the amount of spaghetti

  • The hole is a portioning aid, explains an Imgur user: One serving is as much spaghetti as you can put through the hole.
  • So you no longer have to think about, weigh and estimate how much spaghetti you have to cook. Simply push as much as possible through the scoop hole and do this for as many servings as you need.
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Written by John Myers

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