The Benefits And Harms Of Cucumbers

It is often said that cucumbers are not healthy. Although cucumbers cannot be called a great source of vitamins, especially if we take into account the fact that the farther away from the garden, the fewer vitamins they contain, there are several aspects that make cucumbers welcome guests on our table.

Useful properties of cucumbers

Cucumbers are not only a low-calorie product but also one of those that contain a minimum of calories and a maximum of benefits. The calorie content of fresh cucumber is only 13.5 kcal per 100 g.

This allows you not to give up cucumbers even when following the strictest diet.

The main component of cucumbers is water. Another benefit of cucumbers is that they contain a small amount of protein and carbohydrates. Cucumbers contain vitamins E, PP, and B vitamins. In addition, cucumbers contain dietary fiber, which has a positive effect on the intestines, normalizing their functioning.

One of the main advantages of this vegetable is the presence of minerals and trace elements, including iron and chlorine, aluminum and phosphorus, magnesium and copper, cobalt and molybdenum, zinc and sodium, calcium, fluorine, and chromium. Therefore, the benefit of cucumbers is that these substances are necessary for the human body to maintain a normal metabolic process.

Another advantage is the presence of potassium in cucumbers. This element is essential for kidney and heart function. It is also important that cucumbers contain iodine, and in large quantities compared to other vegetables.

Cucumbers contribute to the normal absorption of various protein foods. That’s why nutritionists believe that the benefits of cucumbers are best enjoyed in combination with meat dishes.

This vegetable also has a diuretic effect, so cucumbers will be useful in the fight against edema. Cucumbers contain fiber, which cleanses the intestines of bad cholesterol.

It is useful to eat fresh cucumbers in order to neutralize unnecessary acid compounds that disrupt metabolic processes. Thanks to their properties, cucumbers slow down the aging process and salt deposition.

Harmful properties of cucumbers

People suffering from high acidity, and stomach, and duodenal ulcers should not abuse cucumbers. It is not recommended to eat cucumbers for lactating women.

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