The EU Has Authorized The Use Of GMOs

Dupont’s controversial genetically modified corn with chemical pest control has been rejected by 19 of the 28 EU members as it poses a serious danger to bees and other insects.

Five countries voted in favor of introducing this product, while four abstained.
However, the weight of the EU countries’ votes is directly proportional to the size of their populations, so in the end, the European Commission authorized the cultivation of corn under the Dupont Pioneer TC1507 brand.

This corn variety was first authorized for import to Europe in 2005. In early 2006, it was approved for human consumption. And this week, GMO grain can be grown freely in EU countries. French politician José Bove blames Germany for this permission: the representative of the largest country in the EU abstained from voting.

If the Germans had rejected GMOs, an absolute majority could have been created. He reminded the Commission that most countries and 80% of the EU population do not want to see GMO food on their tables.
The Green Party intends to pass a vote of no confidence in the European Commission for this ambiguous step and to persuade officials to revise the decision-making rules. 77 members of the European Parliament will be involved in the development of this document.

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Written by Bella Adams

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