The Healing Power Of Food

Scientific findings have contributed to the fact that the health aspects of food are finally receiving more attention. The research made it clear that some foods have both a preventive and an alleviating effect on existing symptoms.

The mode of action of food

We should therefore take a closer look at the positive and healing effects of individual foods and find out about their mode of action. For this purpose, we have made a first small compilation of different foods, which you can select and view on the left side of this page. This area will be constantly expanded in the future.

Food promotes health

A healthy and balanced diet can support the body in restoring its health. Many people know about the healing effects of high-quality food and are already using this knowledge. You have understood that you are responsible for your own health and can therefore contribute to recovery yourself. And what is easier than doing this in the form of selected foods?

Food can cause cancer

Some naturopathically oriented scientists have been able to prove that certain foods can balance out and mitigate the harmful effects of other nutritional errors. In some cases, they can even be used as an antidote for incompatible substances. It is known, for example, that many processed foods contain so-called mutagens, which can cause cancer through cell damage.

Anti-mutagenic foods

However, new research by Japanese scientists has proven that many unprocessed foods are rich in anti-mutagens, which can neutralize the threat of cancer.

According to these studies, foods suppress how

  • broccoli
  • green pepper
  • pineapple
  • shallots
  • apples
  • Ginger
  • cabbage and
  • aubergine
  • the carcinogenic cell mutations.

Cauliflower, grapes, sweet potatoes, and radishes are also effective in moderation. Details can also be found in the left column of this page.

Vegetarians are healthier

A very good example is offered by vegetarians and vegans. They have significantly lower rates of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and many other chronic diseases than meat eaters.

Originally, this was explained by the low level of saturated fat that they consume. However, it is now assumed that it is the high-fiber foods that vegetarians eat, as these neutralize the effects of saturated fats.

This led to the realization that fruit, salads, nuts, and other plant foods could contain pharmacologically protective substances. They were given by Dr. Lee Wattenberg, of the University of Minnesota, who defined them as “minor dietary components”. These substances effectively counteract the substances that attack the cells.

Food on doctor’s orders

This finding led to the prognosis of a number of scientists that in the future even certain foods will be prescribed individually. Dr. David Jenkins, a University of Toronto professor and expert on diet and blood sugar, actually sees food as medicine.

He notes that

pharmacology often speaks of mixed therapy. Yet what we have not yet realized is that a number of foods are already doing just that – a mixed therapy provided by the foods themselves.

In his opinion, this means that food can be used specifically and scientifically and this should be done more and more in the future.

A futuristic scenario: food on doctor’s orders.

Either revolutionary or evolutionary. But basically, we’re not doing anything other than picking up the way of thinking that has been tried and tested for centuries. Thus, food is both the medicine and the poison with which we influence our health on a daily basis. It is important to find out the pharmacological effects of each food and use it for our individual needs and well-being, just as we do with medicines.

Research is expanded

Thus, nutritional medicine is predicted to have a bright future. Many food companies are already checking their products for health-promoting potential. Others, on the other hand, increase their effect pharmacologically.

For example, the Miller Brewing Company processes the barley residues from brewing beer into flour which is said to lower cholesterol levels. It is used for breakfast cereal and bread. Other manufacturers speak of cancer-fighting substances that they want to extract from foods such as soybeans and add to milk.

However, these projects are far removed from nature and do not correspond to the natural healing power of food. A wholesome flour, an organic soybean, or plant-based milk contains many valuable substances that have a positive effect on the body in their natural composition.

What effect an extracted, industrially processed, cholesterol-lowering flour, or an extracted vegetable substance combined with an animal protein, ultimately has on the body is really questionable.

So does Dr. James Tillotson, head of research at Ocean Spray, which conducts research into cranberry juice, who said the government might one day insist on publishing the effects of foods on their labels along with ingredients. As long as the food is natural, this is desirable.

Nutritional medicine – is more important than ever

The exact mode of action of many foods still needs to be researched. In the near future, however, it will be possible to classify biochemical reactions so precisely that pharmacology will become an integral part of food research.

Thorough research into the biomechanical activities of food can provide concrete evidence of their effect. All in all, we can attach far greater importance to nutritional medicine than ever before. We should use the knowledge of the effects of food on our bodies for the benefit of our health. In this way, every responsible citizen can positively influence their own health.

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