These 5 Foods Destroy Your Intestinal Flora

Our intestines work hard every day, which makes it all the more important to protect the super organ and avoid foods that destroy the intestinal flora. You should not eat these five foods in excess.

If you don’t feed your intestinal bacteria properly, but with the wrong foods, the bacteria may eat their way through the intestinal mucosa. This can be dangerous and lead to chronic intestinal diseases. In the worst case, an improper diet can increase the risk of colon cancer. In order to protect the digestive organ, you should therefore avoid these five foods, because excessive consumption can destroy your intestinal flora.

Red meat destroys the intestinal flora

Excessive meat consumption is a definite cause of colon cancer. Red meat in particular, such as pork, beef, lamb and game, and smoked and cured sausages damage the intestines. “If less meat and sausages were eaten – and men are primarily addressed here – up to 10,000 cases of colon cancer could be avoided according to expert estimates,” confirms the German Cancer Aid on its website.

Alcohol damages the entire digestive tract

Of course, a glass of wine or a beer after work is often part of it. But we must be careful that alcohol consumption does not gain the upper hand. Alcohol makes us fun and relaxes us, but it is a cytotoxin that puts a significant strain on the entire digestive tract. Excessive alcohol consumption also increases the risk of developing colon cancer.

Foods containing fructose without fiber

It may come as a surprise to some, but foods containing fructose are also unhealthy for the intestinal flora. Especially when consumed without the fiber found in fruit. This is the case with sweets, because refined sugar consists of 50 percent fructose. So if you eat too many sweets, you irritate your intestinal flora, which can lead to inflammation.

Ready meals damage the intestines

It’s no problem to eat a frozen pizza every now and then, but ready-to-eat meals should definitely not be on the daily menu. Because ready meals can contain a whole list of ingredients that affect the intestinal flora: aromas, thickeners, flavor enhancers, preservatives and sugar.

Antibiotics destroy the intestinal flora

Not a food in the true sense, but contained in animals from factory farming: antibiotics. In addition, the drug is now taken extremely carelessly – despite the great risks. Antibiotic therapy is pure torture for our intestines, because most of the good intestinal bacteria are also destroyed. After taking the drug, you have to laboriously rebuild the damaged intestinal flora. Due to this and the whole range of side effects, antibiotics should only be used in an emergency.

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