Threatens Obesity: What Drinks Should not be Given to Young Children

According to researchers, drinking fruit juices under the age of one can be very dangerous for children’s health. Doctors believe that it is strictly forbidden to give juices to young children, as their consumption in early childhood can lead to the risk of obesity, the Journal of Nutrition portal reports.

According to the researchers, drinking fruit juices under the age of one can be very dangerous for children’s health. The study involved almost 5000 American women, and the observations lasted about 7 years. The authors of the study reported that in 25% of cases, mothers introduced juices to their children’s food before reaching 6 months, and 74% – before 12 months.

“Early introduction of juice was associated with higher childhood sugar intake, consumption of any carbonated beverages, and lower water intake, while total beverage consumption remained constant,” the researchers note.

They also note that markers of lower socioeconomic status are closely associated with earlier juice consumption, which in turn is associated with the consumption of sugary drinks in childhood, potentially replacing water.

Consumption of fruit juices in early childhood leads to a craving for other sweet and carbonated beverages in later childhood. And regular consumption of these drinks have a strong impact on the formation of the child’s body.

Such children are much more likely to develop an addiction to sugary drinks and blood sugar imbalance, and this quickly leads to diabetes and obesity.

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Written by Emma Miller

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