Tomato Varieties: The 8 Best at a Glance

There are many types of tomatoes, but not all are round and red. In this practical tip, we present eight varieties of the shrub – from red classics to unusual types that seem to have little in common with the original fruit.

Tomato varieties – the popular classics

There are several thousand of them – tomato varieties. And in all imaginable shapes, sizes, and colors. In this chapter, we have compiled four classics for you – including appearance and taste.

  • Hell Frucht/Hilmar: This stick tomato variety bears medium-sized, red fruits. The taste is fruity, which makes the light fruit ideal for salads, but also for cooking. The variety also grows in a bucket and is considered to be very productive.
  • Vilma: Vilma is a vine tomato variety. Since it is quite undemanding and requires little space, you can easily plant it on the balcony. The variety is resistant to cold. Their fruits have a strong aroma and can therefore be enjoyed without additional ingredients. The dried tomatoes are also delicious.
  • Little Red Riding Hood: This tomato variety from the former GDR is slightly ribbed and bright red. The tomato can be planted in pots and is therefore also intended for balcony cultivation. Its taste is intense and fruity.
  • Beefsteak tomatoes: This variety can bear fruits that weigh up to a kilogram. Beefsteak tomatoes are considered to be quite sensitive and need a lot of heat and sunlight. This variety is particularly popular for cooking and grilling dishes, as it can be easily filled due to its size and firmness.

From green to gold – special tomato varieties

In addition to the classic red tomatoes, there are also golden, green, or even blue fruits. In the next section, you will learn about four of these special nightshade plants.

  • Green Zebra: The name of this round variety says it all. Even when ripe, the tomato is completely green in color, both the skin and the flesh. The fruits of the Giant Green Zebra variety, on the other hand, are very large and flat. They are green with orange stripes, the aroma is mild and the texture is very soft.
  • Golden Queen: The Golden Queen is a staked tomato and is one of the old tomato varieties. The fruits are bright yellow in color. The flesh is very juicy and the aroma is considered to be extremely fruity. The Golden Queen is intended for free-range husbandry.
  • Santoorange F1: This is an F1 hybrid that bears rich orange, plum-shaped fruit. The aroma of the cocktail tomato variety is very sweet and is ideal as a side salad or for a snack in between.
  • Fahrenheit Blue: The name of this cocktail tomato variety is no coincidence. With this newly bred variety, the fruits grow in a rich dark blue. When they are ripe, the color changes to a strong red. The aroma of the fruit is sweet and therefore ideal for salads or vegetable dishes.

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