Top 7 Healthy Snacks

What is a healthy snack? Of course, these are not ready-to-eat snacks filled with dyes and preservatives, as well as sugar and salt, which are displayed in stores near the cash register. A really good snack should satisfy hunger, but at the same time contain few calories, but enough vitamins, minerals, and other useful nutrients. It should help you stay in good shape between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it shouldn’t overload your stomach.

Use the following healthy snack ideas to stay fit and healthy!

Fruits or berries

It is recommended to consume them before or 1 hour after eating another meal and in small quantities. Fruits contain many vitamins, energize the body and glucose the brain, and even create a good mood. IMPORTANT! Be careful and remember that many fruits contain a lot of carbohydrates. Choose those with fewer carbohydrates, such as citrus fruits.

Kefir or yogurt

These dairy products normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract thanks to the beneficial bacteria they contain. They eliminate and prevent most of the unpleasant symptoms that can occur after a bad breakfast or lunch: bloating, abdominal pain, gas, and others. Choose kefir or yogurt without industrial additives and with a minimum fat content (0.5-1.5%). IMPORTANT! The fresher the fermented milk product, the higher the concentration of beneficial live cultures in it.


A healthy snack that usually includes milk (or fermented dairy products) and a variety of fruits and vegetables. One of the advantages of smoothies is that they are quick and easy to prepare – all you need is a blender. There are many smoothie recipes, but you can always improvise. And don’t forget to drink between meals and snacks!

Nuts and dried fruits

Very healthy foods, but it is very important to know the measurements: nuts are high in fat and protein, and dried fruits are high in carbohydrates. To get the most out of nuts, you shouldn’t even eat them in handfuls, but literally by the piece, – 7-10 medium-sized nuts are enough. Approximately the same dosage is recommended for most dried fruits.

Boiled egg

A very healthy and simple snack! Eggs are one of the best sources of protein. It gives the body a feeling of satiety, but not only does it not add extra pounds, but on the contrary, it helps to burn fat.


Perhaps the most ideal snack, but few people like to eat just raw vegetables. Try eating sliced vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers…) with a freshly prepared sauce made from natural yogurt mixed with herbs. Cut carrots into strips and use them to satisfy your hunger whenever you want.

A piece of redfish

A great source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids! You can wrap red fish in a whole wheat pancake and add a tomato and a leaf of basil to it – you’ll get a complete snack that will satisfy even a noticeable hunger. If you feel thirsty after eating fish, drink green tea.

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