Vegan Diet Despite Allergies?

Is giving up animal products really healthy? Or is the trend towards vegan nutrition the tip par excellence? Find out here why allergy sufferers in particular should deal with the topic of vegan nutrition and what advantages vegan can have – especially from the age of 50.

Is a vegan diet really that much healthier than a “normal” diet? Researchers and nutritionists have been discussing for several years whether the body can be supplied with all the important nutrients in a vegan diet. The only thing that is certain is that all vegans have to deal with the topic of nutrition and the ingredients of food in detail in order to prevent a possible nutrient deficiency.

Allergy sufferers must pay attention to the ingredients

Allergy sufferers who opt for a vegan diet should be particularly careful when putting together their menu. Because even if many foods are now labeled with the so-called vegan flower and one suspect’s purely vegan production behind them, traces of animal products such as cow’s milk or chicken eggs can still be contained.

It happens again and again that vegan food is produced on the same machines as non-vegan food – very similar to the sentence “Caution, may contain traces of nuts” on every piece of chocolate. This can be particularly dangerous for allergy sufferers who react to animal allergens. The following applies here: If the ingredients do not clearly indicate that the product is really purely vegan, ask the manufacturer directly to avoid a possible anaphylactic shock.

Vegan diet: what are the advantages?

Springy steps, a relaxed smile, and stunning charisma. Michelle Pfeiffer looks almost better today than when she started her career. A beauty, we notice that immediately, that comes from within. This is also due to their diet. “I’ve been vegan for a year simply because I want to keep looking good and stay healthy,” says the actress. “Behind that, of course, is vanity, but also the desire to live long.” The star is probably thinking of her beloved father, who died early of cancer.

She was inspired by Bill Clinton. After several bypass surgeries, the former president stopped eating animal foods. He promised his daughter Chelsea, who is also vegan, at her wedding of all days. “I knew I had to change my diet if I wanted to live to see my grandchildren,” Clinton said in a tearful TV interview. That impressed Pfeiffer. As a vegan, she also avoids products from living animals such as milk, eggs, and honey.

A vegan lifestyle especially recommended for those over 50

A refrigerator without yogurt and cheese, a holiday without seafood and sundaes – why on earth should we do that to ourselves? Because we get fitter and lose ballast. Not only kilos but also toxins. Our body is deacidified. According to Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, many advantages: “Only plant-based food contains enough antioxidants that stop the body from rusting early.” They act as a “protective shield for our cells and ensure a natural balance in the body.” They can rid us of allergies and skin diseases, and protect against diabetes and gout.

The US heart specialist Caldwell Esselstyn used X-rays to document how closed coronary arteries reopened with a purely plant-based diet! If that doesn’t convince you: Vegan nutrition is the best anti-aging. We can also see that in the American Mimi Kirk. The “sexiest veggie over 50” is 74 years old but looks 40. Health problems? Doesn’t know the always cheerful vegan. Her secret: no animal proteins for 40 years. For us, one meal a day or one vegan day a week would be a start.

Vegan diet – the best foods

Click through our picture gallery “Vegan diet despite allergies?” and find an abundance of vegan foods to whip up delicious dishes with!

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