Vegetable Soup with Coconut Noodles Ala Sriwidi

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Vegetable Soup with Coconut Noodles Ala Sriwidi

The perfect vegetable soup with coconut noodles ala sriwidi recipe with a picture and simple step-by-step instructions.

For the dough:

  • 1 Egg, size M
  • 1 tsp Chicken broth, Kraft bouillon
  • 60 g Coconut milk, creamy (24% fat)
  • 50 g Wheat flour, type 405

For the broth:

  • 50 g Tomato juice
  • 300 g Coconut water
  • 6 g Chicken broth, Kraft bouillon
  • 1 tbsp Spring roll sauce ala Sanur Beach, (see attachment)
  • 1 tbsp Fish sauce

For the vegetables:

  • 40 g Carrot
  • 4 Runner beans, green
  • 1 Hot peppers, green, long, mild
  • 2 medium sized Tomatoes


  • 3 tbsp Sunflower oil

To garnish:

  • 2 tsp Sesame seeds, white
  • 2 tsp Pepperoni threads, green, (see preparation)
  1. Mix the ingredients for the pasta dough homogeneously and let it mature for 15 minutes at room temperature. Wash the carrot, cap at both ends, peel, notch lengthways and slice or cut across into approx. 3 mm thick slices.
  2. To garnish, remove the stems from the peppers, wash them, cut them lengthways, fold them open, remove the pink partitions and all the grains and cut about 2 – 3 cm across into thin threads from above. Halve the rest lengthways and cut the halves diagonally into pieces about 5 mm wide. Wash the tomatoes, remove the stems, peel them, quarter them lengthways, remove the green stalk and the grains. Cut the quarters into small pieces.
  3. Heat a pan with 1 tablespoon each of sunflower oil moderately, add the dough in portions and let it harden to form the flatbread. Let the flatbreads (pancakes) cool down, roll them up and cut across into wide noodles. Spread the pasta on the serving bowls.
  4. Heat 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil in the wok. Add the carrot, runner beans and the pepper pieces and stir-fry for 2 minutes. Add the tomato pieces and stir-fry for another 2 minutes. Deglaze with the coconut water. Add the chicken stock, tomato juice, spring roll sauce and fish sauce. Simmer for 2 minutes and season with salt and pepper, black, fresh from the mill. Spread on the serving bowls, garnish with sesame seeds and pepperoni threads, serve and enjoy.


  1. Spring roll sauce ala Sanur Beach, see: Spring roll sauce ala Sanur Beach
vegetable soup with coconut noodles ala sriwidi

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