Venison Roulades with Chestnut Mashed Potatoes

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Venison Roulades with Chestnut Mashed Potatoes

The perfect venison roulades with chestnut mashed potatoes recipe with a picture and simple step-by-step instructions.


  • 1100 g Leg of venison boneless

Sauce approach:

  • 2 Fret small Soup greens fresh
  • 1 size Onion
  • Pepper salt
  • 2 tbsp Tomato paste
  • 150 ml Red wine
  • 1 Large glass Wild fund
  • 2 tbsp Clarified butter
  • Food starch


  • 200 g Pre-Cooked chestnuts
  • 1 size Shallot
  • 100 ml Vegetable cream for cooking 15%
  • Pepper salt
  • 100 g Bacon
  • 4 Heaped tablespoons Cranberries from the glass

Chestnut and potato mash:

  • 400 g Floury potatoes
  • 200 g Chestnut puree (see filling)
  • 1 Heaped tablespoons Butter
  • 1 good shot Milk
  • 3 Heaped tablespoons Danish fried onions
  • Pepper salt

Preparation of the club:

  1. Since the boned leg almost disintegrated into its individual muscles after defrosting and I didn’t want to wrap it, I decided to cook two dishes out of it. Here the roulades and then a ragout (for a recipe see link: Venison ragout with pretzel dumplings) The preparation for both dishes is done in one “wash up” … ;-), namely: With the tip of a filleting knife, carefully cut each one , separate muscle cords surrounded by a thin skin. Then rid these parts of bumps, fat, silver skins and tendons. Then I had 3 larger pieces of approx. 480 g in total and various small, narrow ones of approx. 350 g in total. The resulting sections (paring) again amounted to approx. 270 g and later formed the basis for the sauce of the ragout and were kept refrigerated together with the smaller pieces of meat until the ragout was prepared. For the roulades, cut 3 – 4 roulades from the larger sections by halving the thicker ones again horizontally in the middle. Carefully knock the meat slices between 2 layers of cling film with a plating iron (larger pot is also possible) slightly larger and flatter. They should be big enough and about 7 mm thin that they can be rolled.

Roulades, sauce and filling:

  1. For the filling, peel the shallot and roughly dice. Coarsely chop the chestnuts. Puree both together with the cream with the hand blender. Then season with salt and pepper.
  2. Spread a thin layer of chestnut puree on each slice. There should be about 200 g of the puree left over for the mashed potatoes. Place 2 slices of bacon on each chestnut puree, brush it with 1 tablespoon of cranberries, then roll up the roulades from the smaller, possibly more pointed end and fix the seam with a toothpick or a roulade skewer.
  3. For the sauce of the roulade, peel the onion and chop it roughly. Clean the soup greens and cut into large cubes. Preheat the oven to 180 ° O / bottom heat. Pepper and salt the roulades on the outside and fry them in a pan in the clarified butter, evenly and vigorously. Transfer from the pan to a roaster. Roast the onions and root vegetables in their sautéing fat in the pan, then season with pepper and salt. After 2 minutes add tomato paste and roast for another 1 minute. Then deglaze with the red wine and then with the game stock. Bring everything to the boil once and then pour over the roulades. Put the open roasting pan into the oven on the 2nd rack from below and cook the roulades for 1 hour. Every now and then pour the brew over it.
  4. When the time has elapsed, take the roasting pan out of the oven, switch it off, put the roulades from the roasting pan on a plate and briefly put them back in the warm oven with the door tilted. Pour the stock through a sieve into a saucepan, bring to the boil and thicken with a little cornstarch mixed with water. Turn the heat to the lowest level, put the roulades in the sauce, cover them a little and let them steep for another 10 minutes. It shouldn’t boil anymore.


  1. As a side dish there was red cabbage that I had frozen. It is not taken into account in the preparation time. If you choose a vegetable side dish, please take into account the timing. The preparation and cooking time of the puree is included in the cooking time of the roulades.
  2. The preparation for the ragout mentioned above ran in parallel, but is described in a separate recipe.
venison roulades with chestnut mashed potatoes

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