Vitamin B1 Suppliers: These Foods Have It All

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, plays a crucial role in the body’s generation of energy and the transmission of stimuli to the nerves. But which foods contain a particularly large amount of this vital and heat-sensitive micronutrient?

The name says it all: The Latin word “vita” is in the term “vitamins”, which means “life”. The body cannot function without these micronutrients. The vast majority of vitamins must be ingested through food – including vitamin B1. The vital substance then enters the body in tiny amounts. Just a few thousandths of a gram (milligrams) of vitamin B1 are enough to keep life going. The water-soluble vitamin is particularly important for the body’s energy production and should therefore be consumed in sufficient quantities.

Vitamin B-1 deficiency: One-sided nutrition

Over the years, everyone develops a certain routine when shopping – the same products always end up in the basket, and the menu loses its variety. This can have consequences for your health: while you are adequately supplied with the vitamins in your favorite foods, over time there can be a creeping lack of other vital substances that you rarely eat.

Then the organism sends signals. He signals that he is missing something. The signs of an undersupply of vitamin B1 can be expressed in mental discomfort or resemble the symptoms of a physical illness. Loss of appetite, digestive problems, and a feeling of weakness – especially in the muscles – can be the consequences.

Pure food joy: why vitamin B1 is so healthy

The micronutrient vitamin B1 promises more joie de vivre. It strengthens the nervous system. And it promotes the formation of the happiness hormone serotonin, which works in the brain: it lifts the mood, and you are less irritable and exhausted. The body also needs a lot of vitamin B1 so that it can gain energy from carbohydrates. This helps with building muscles, for example.

In a quick check: These foods contain a lot of vitamin B1

You can find out which foods you can use to quickly replenish your vitamin B1 balance here in the picture gallery.

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