Washing Machine: Measure Power Consumption and Electricity Costs

Electricity consumption: measure the energy consumption and costs of the washing machine

Power consumption is measured in kWh. An efficient washing machine uses about 0.7 kWh for a normal 60-degree wash cycle. At 0.27 cents per kWh, such a wash cycle costs around 19 cents. You can determine the consumption of your washing machine with an energy meter:

  • An energy meter is a device that plugs into an electrical outlet. In turn, plug the power cord of your washing machine into the device. The energy meter then measures the power consumption of the washing machine.
  • You can get a simple energy meter with a display for less than 20 euros.
  • Many energy meters allow you to enter the price per kWh directly. You can find this in the tariff documents of your electricity provider.
  • If the device does not support price entry, you must multiply the electricity consumption in kWh by the price per kWh.
  • Tip: If your washing machine consumes too much electricity, you can use a few simple tricks to save electricity.
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