Water Filter Without Chemicals

The DrinkPure HOME water filter in Swiss quality can be easily attached directly to your tap and turns your tap into a healthy source of water.

The smallest water filter that works without chemicals

The DrinkPure HOME water filter is the smallest water filter to date that can remove pathogens from water without the use of chemicals. Analyzes by accredited laboratories show that the DrinkPure HOME reliably removes bacteria (more than 99.9999%), protozoa, and cysts as well as viruses (over 99%) from the water.

Even microplastics can be easily filtered by the DrinkPure HOME. Microplastics are plastic parts between 0.1 and 100 µm in size. For a corresponding test, water contaminated with microplastic parts (particle size 0.4 to 0.6 µm in a concentration of 1000 ppm) was allowed to flow through the DrinkPure HOME. Microplastics were no longer detectable in the filtered water.

In the same way, annoying odors (e.g. chlorine), rust, limescale, and pesticide residues are removed. Drug residues and hormones are sometimes reduced by up to 90 percent.

The result is soft, tasty water, ideal for tea and coffee, but also for cooking and everyday drinking.

Easy installation: just screw it into the tap

Anyone can install the filter themselves, as it can simply be screwed onto all standard fittings (e.g. in the kitchen).

The technology: multi-stage filter cartridge

The water filter has a multi-stage structure:

  • A fine pre-filter protects the downstream membrane from excessive exposure to particles (e.g. sand, sediment). This allows the membrane to filter longer.
  • The patented DrinkPure membrane was developed by Novamem AG. It is a round filter membrane (12 cm diameter) that has approximately 6.3 billion pores and can significantly reduce water consumption. It filters the smallest particles (e.g. rust and microplastics) as well as pathogens (bacteria, viruses) from the tap water and makes it safe.
  • The subsequently activated carbon mat removes unpleasant odors (e.g. chlorine), fluoride (if present), and pesticide residues. In addition, the self-disinfecting surface prevents filter contamination.
  • In addition, an optional softening cartridge can be used (included in the scope of delivery), which softens the water, i.e. reduces the limescale.

The maintenance and cleaning

Since activated carbon cartridges have to be replaced regularly, this is also the case with the DrinkPure HOME. The included cartridge (incl. membrane) lasts for about two months or 500 liters. After that, it should be changed, which happened in a matter of seconds.

Anyone who needs the softening cartridge for hard water also replaces it every two months.

The price

The DrinkPure HOME is available in different materials. The price is correspondingly different. The basic model is made of plastic. The Chrome model is made of chrome-plated plastic and the Steel model is made of stainless steel. The price for the first two is less than 100 euros, which corresponds to an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Depending on the water consumption, there are also the costs for the replacement cartridges. A six-month supply of activated carbon cartridges costs about 90 euros, three softener cartridges cost about 45 euros. Replacement cartridges are available from any DrinkPure retailer.

All the advantages of the DrinkPure HOME filter at a glance

The DrinkPure HOME water filter offers you the following advantages:

  • 3 times smaller than traditional filter systems on the market
  • To be installed without an installer
  • Without tabletop or undesirable devices
  • Easy to install, detachable in seconds
  • Fits all conventional fittings
  • 99.9999% bacteria retention
  • 99% virus retention
  • Reduces odors and pesticides
  • Reduces drug residues and hormones
  • Reduces limescale when the softener cartridge is used
  • Filters microplastics and rust
  • Filters sediment
  • Leaves the natural mineral content in the water
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 500 liters of water per cartridge
  • Easily replaceable cartridge
  • Self-disinfecting
  • Reduced plastic waste by eliminating the need to buy water in plastic bottles
  • The unbeatable price/performance ratio reduces your water costs by up to 1,000 euros per year
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