What are some popular Kuwaiti breakfast dishes?

Introduction: Kuwaiti Breakfast Culture

As in any other culture, breakfast in Kuwait is a significant meal of the day. Being a Muslim country, breakfast is usually eaten before sunrise and is known as ‘suhoor’. The meal is essential to provide the required energy and hydration for the long day of fasting during Ramadan. However, during regular days, breakfast is a relaxed and hearty meal that Kuwaitis enjoy with family and friends.

Popular Kuwaiti Breakfast Dishes

Kuwaiti cuisine is a blend of Arabian, Persian, Indian, and Mediterranean influences, and this is evident in their breakfast dishes too. The most common breakfast items in Kuwait are chickpeas, foul, eggs, cheese, bread, and tea. One of the most popular and traditional breakfast dishes is ‘balaleet’ – vermicelli cooked in sweetened saffron milk and topped with fried onions and raisins. Another classic breakfast dish is ‘machboos’ – a rice dish with meat or fish, and spices, served with a side of tomato and onion salad.

For those who prefer a savory breakfast, ‘thareed’ is a great option. It is a bread dish soaked in meat or vegetable broth and served with lamb or chicken. ‘Harees’ is another much-loved savory breakfast dish that is made from wheat and meat. It is a filling dish that is perfect for a busy day.

Recipe Ideas for Authentic Kuwaiti Breakfasts

To make an authentic Kuwaiti breakfast, start your day with a cup of ‘chai karak’ – a sweet, milky tea that is popular in Kuwait. For sweet breakfast dishes, try making balaleet by cooking vermicelli in sweetened saffron milk and topping it with fried onions and raisins. For a savory breakfast, make thareed by soaking bread in meat or vegetable broth and serving it with lamb or chicken.

Another great breakfast option is a ‘shakshuka’-style dish made with eggs cooked in a tomato and pepper sauce. For a more filling meal, prepare ‘machboos’ by cooking rice with meat or fish, and spices, and serving it with a side of tomato and onion salad. Finally, to add some variety to your breakfast, try making ‘harees’ by blending wheat and meat, then cooking it until it turns to a porridge-like consistency.

In conclusion, Kuwaiti breakfast dishes are a blend of flavors and textures that are unique to this region. Whether you prefer sweet or savory dishes, there is something for everyone in Kuwaiti cuisine. So, the next time you’re looking for a new breakfast dish to try, consider making one of these authentic and delicious Kuwaiti recipes.

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