What Are The Benefits Of Nuts?

Nuts are characterized by a high content of fats and proteins. They contain 2-2.5 times more minerals than fruits (potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, etc.). Nuts are a unique balance of vitamins and minerals, they also contain substances necessary for the elimination of toxins from the body, and their regular consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Nuts can be eaten whole or chopped, raw or roasted, sliced or in small pieces, on their own or in a dish. It is important to note that nuts do not lose their nutritional characteristics, vitamins, and minerals during long-term storage. They are useful for people of all ages: both the elderly and small children. Nuts are also important for the diet of vegetarians, vegans, and people on different diets.

There are many different types of nuts: walnuts, hazelnuts, hazelnuts (or Lombard nuts), almonds, chufa (or ground almonds), tropical almonds, pistachios, peanuts (or groundnuts), chestnuts, Manchurian nuts, pecans (or pecan nuts, kariya, hickory), bitter, beechnuts, acorns, cashews (or Western anacardium), chilim (or water nut), shamballa, Brazilian, paradise, macadamia, gewuina (or Chilean hazelnut), Philippine canary nut, Malabar chestnut, mongongo, Seychelles (or Maldivian, royal), pine, coconut, and others. However, we will tell you about the most useful and affordable nuts for everyone.


This is probably the most common type of nut in our region, which is used in various industries. And this is not surprising, because walnuts are very high in calories: 1 kg of them provides more than 8,500 calories (twice as many as high-grade wheat bread).
These nuts contain a lot of fiber and oil, which can strengthen the functioning of the intestines, and their consumption helps to normalize gastric secretion. Walnuts contain a whole range of important biologically active substances that have a good effect on the blood vessels of the brain. Therefore, they are effective for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, with an insufficient amount of vitamins, cobalt, and iron salts in the body.

It is recommended to include walnuts in the diet of those who suffer from ischemia, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, anemia, and thyroid diseases. Walnuts help to relieve severe nervous tension, and are useful in case of heavy physical exertion, during illnesses and operations. Due to its peculiarities, walnut softens the body, dissolves dense matter, strengthens the brain, heart, and liver, and sharpens the senses.

Hazelnut, hazelnut, or hazelnut (a cultivated form of hazel)

These nuts can be consumed fresh or dried, and are used to produce various food products. Hazelnuts contain fat (57.4-62.5%), starch and sugars (2.5%), vitamin B1, carotene, trace elements, and 17% protein. Hazelnut kernels contain about 60% of oil, which consists of glycerides of oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids, which prevent the growth of cholesterol in the blood, as well as protect against cardiovascular diseases, and are very necessary for a growing organism. Due to the vitamin E content in hazel, it is a preventive measure against cancer, and heart, and muscular diseases.

Hazelnuts are used for diseases of the cardiovascular system and anemia, prostate enlargement, varicose veins, and phlebitis, and can be used for diabetes, and even with a strict diet without the risk of weight gain. Eating hazelnuts cleanses the body, promotes the elimination of toxins, and strengthens the immune system.


There are two types of almonds: bitter almonds, which have a strong flavor, and sweet almonds, which are less flavorful.

Almonds are good for cleansing the blood, and kidneys, and opening blockages in the liver and spleen. Sweet almond kernels were used in folk medicine for anemia, diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, insomnia, migraines, cough, and convulsions; almond oil was used internally as a sedative for heart disease, as an anti-inflammatory agent for pneumonia and throat diseases, for flatulence, and as an appetite enhancer. Almonds with sugar, or even better with honey, significantly increase potency, cleanse internal organs, improve vision, and stimulate mental activity. And bitter almonds can be used as an anti-hangover agent.

Almonds are an excellent supplier of vitamins and minerals, they contain protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins E, B2, and B3, which are essential for the body, and are indispensable for maintaining healthy teeth, hair, and skin.


These nuts are used to prepare various foods or eaten on their own, after being roasted. The most famous is peanut butter, which is superior to many vegetable oils in its nutritional properties.

Regular consumption of peanuts significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, helps lower blood cholesterol, has a good effect on sexual potency, improves memory and attention, and increases the threshold of auditory sensitivity. This nut is rich in antioxidants that protect the body’s cells from the effects of dangerous free radicals. Peanuts are a source of folic acid, which promotes cell growth and renewal and is also necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system, heart, liver, and other organs and systems.


Pistachios have a high nutritional value, they contain more than 50% fat, and in addition, a lot of proteins and carbohydrates. They have a tonic effect and are recommended for chronic fatigue. In the East, pistachios are called the “tree of life”.

Pistachios are rich in potassium and phytosterols, so they are considered useful for brain and heart function, palpitations, vomiting, nausea, liver disease, and opening blockages.

So eat nuts, combine them with other foods, or eat them on their own. But remember: everything is good and healthy but in moderation!

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