What Drink Quickly Ages the Brain – The Answer of Scientists

As it turned out, if a person drinks one or two glasses of such a drink regularly, up to daily, their brain ages by an average of 5.8 years.

Sugar can have a detrimental effect on brain functions, and drinks with a high content of sugar destroy the brain, eventually leading to a decrease in the prefrontal cortex. This is reported by the British edition of the Daily Express, citing scientists from the Boston University School of Medicine.

They conducted a study during which they observed a group of 4.2 thousand people: the subjects were periodically tested for cognitive function and memory. Volunteers told how many sugary drinks they drink, and experts checked the relationship between the amount of sugar consumed and the state of the body.

As it turned out, if a person drinks one or two glasses of sugary drinks every day, his or her brain ages by an average of 5.8 years, and if more than two glasses ā€“ by 11 years.

ā€œScientists noted a visible deterioration in memory function and a decrease in brain volume in those study participants who regularly drank drinks with added sugar, as opposed to people who did not consume such drinks,ā€ the researchers say.

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Written by Emma Miller

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