What Goes With Red Cabbage? 26 Dishes With Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is not only super delicious but also a really healthy contemporary! Packed with vitamin C and many important minerals, it sustainably supports our immune system. How good that it can be combined with so many dishes. You can find out here what you can eat red cabbage with and what else you can do with the herb in culinary terms.

Why eat red cabbage?

Red cabbage, red cabbage, or red cabbage – the healthy cabbage has many names. Every family also swears by their very own tips and tricks when it comes to preparation. Fresh apples, a good shot of red wine, or unusual spices: everything is allowed! It is usually served with traditional meat dishes. But did you know that it also tastes good with fish, for example, and that you can also use it to conjure up burgers? We show you here what you can eat red cabbage with and what our favorite dishes with red cabbage look like.

Meat dishes

The delicious cabbage is a popular dish, especially for festive meals. Red cabbage is a must at many tables, especially with hearty meat dishes. No wonder, because a fruity dressing of red cabbage gives heavy dishes a touch of freshness and lightness. It goes particularly well with these dishes:

  1. roulade dishes
  2. roast dishes
  3. game dishes

Tip: Are you looking for the perfect preparation and the best taste? Then just have a look at our basic recipe for red cabbage.

Eat red cabbage with poultry

Red cabbage is not only a great accompaniment to rustic meat dishes, but also to various poultry recipes. Thanks to its fruity note, it is particularly recommended for this type of poultry:

  1. Goose, especially goose leg from the roasting tube
  2. Duck, for example, tender duck breast with fruity orange sauce
  3. Chicken, such as sous-vide cooked corn-fed chicken breast

Dishes with fish & red cabbage

Fish is rarely served with red cabbage. It’s a pity really because red cabbage is also great with fish! You can combine the following fish recipes with the herb:

  1. walleye
  2. cod
  3. sushi variations

Potato side dishes

The most popular counterpart to the healthy herb is the potato tuber. Absolutely right! Because the two just harmonize wonderfully with each other. The combination is particularly popular with meat dishes. No matter which potato variant you choose – you won’t go wrong with these:

  1. Classic boiled potatoes
  2. dumplings or dumplings
  3. croquettes
  4. Mashed potatoes
  5. duchess potatoes

Red cabbage in salads, soups

The healthy herb is not only delicious as a classic side dish but also spices up fresh salads, soups, and much more! Whether as a fresh raw vegetable salad, as a finely pureed soup, or as a delicious gimmick in Asian bowls – the possibilities are endless! These variants taste particularly good to us:

  1. Red cabbage salad such as red cabbage salad in Asia style or fruity red cabbage salad with apple and lime
  2. Red cabbage soups, for example, red cabbage soup with balsamic vinegar
  3. poke bowls
  4. Summer rolls, especially summer rolls with chicken or vegan summer rolls with tofu

Tip: By the way, you can ferment red cabbage. Red cabbage kimchi goes great with salads, bowls, or as a quick snack.

Unusual red cabbage recipes

Are you wondering what else you can eat red cabbage with and want it a lot crazier? No problem! When it comes to unusual red cabbage recipes, there’s no stopping them! Try these goodies:

  1. Red cabbage tart with goat cream cheese
  2. red cabbage pizza
  3. Asian bao buns with red cabbage
  4. Red Cabbage Lasagna
  5. For a vegetarian burger as a delicious red cabbage patty

Tip: Any red cabbage left? No problem! You can freeze red cabbage raw and cooked!

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