What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

Losing weight after pregnancy is a problem for many new mothers. Even months after giving birth, many are still struggling with a higher weight. How do lose weight after childbirth And when is the best time to do it?

Many mothers struggle with losing weight after pregnancy. Because in the course of pregnancy, a few kilos are added to the scales. On the one hand because of the weight of the baby itself. On the other hand, extra kilos are necessary to feed the baby in the womb. A lot of fluid accumulates in the body of the pregnant woman, which also increases her weight. Last but not least, some women eat more than necessary during pregnancy.

It is completely normal for it to take a few months after birth for weight loss to take effect. But some women just can’t get rid of the pounds. Almost every second pregnant woman still has a higher weight six months after birth than before the pregnancy and simply does not manage to lose enough weight. The longer this phase lasts, the higher the likelihood that the mother will struggle with weight problems for a long time.

When does it make sense to lose weight after pregnancy?

The exertion during and after childbirth, such as breastfeeding, and the automatic reduction of water retention means that many women lose enough weight on their own after pregnancy. If this is not the case, this can have various reasons. For example, the mother may have changed her eating habits because the baby is now taking up a lot of the time that is not devoted to cooking. It is also possible that the woman does less sport than before the pregnancy.

Important: A radical or very sudden loss of weight immediately after birth is not recommended. Not only does the mother’s body have to recover first. The baby now also needs plenty of nutrients from breast milk. Strict diets or a rigorous training schedule should therefore be taboo.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to stay idle. Rather, the mother should rely on gentle weight loss after pregnancy. In consultation with the doctor, there are no objections to a sports course that begins, for example, one to two months after the birth.

What is the best way to lose weight after childbirth?

The best strategy for losing weight after pregnancy is a combination of plenty of exercises and a change in diet. Losing weight after birth is often easier in a group. To keep moving, for example, a regular, joint walk with other mothers can help – including a stroller. A pedometer can help you achieve your personal training goal.

Changing your diet can also be easier in a group, for example when the women cook together and give each other tips. In supervised courses, mothers can take a close look at their eating habits as well as their general lifestyle and make targeted changes. In principle, the same applies to losing weight after pregnancy as to any diet: eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, avoiding too much fat and industrial sugar. When you create a calorie deficit, you lose weight.

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