What Makes Green Smoothies So Healthy?

Green smoothies are a special form of pureed raw food. Unlike the pure fruit variant, half of them are mostly made up of green leafy vegetables. Since this tastes quite bitter, other types of vegetables, spices, herbs, and, above all, sweet fruit are also added. Green smoothies are healthy mainly because of their high nutrient density. The drinks are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but contain relatively few calories.

A basic recipe for green smoothies is, for example, one part leafy greens, one part fruit, and some water – fruit juice, on the other hand, should be used sparingly. Possible extensions are herbs and spices. If the smoothie still tastes too bitter, you can create a sweet counterpoint with more fruit, honey or dried fruit. But other green vegetables without a lot of bitter substances also go well with smoothies in terms of taste – lettuce and cucumber are quite mild in taste and can be combined well with other ingredients. Spinach smoothie recipes are also popular!

The purees are particularly healthy if they are freshly prepared in order to preserve as many vitamins and other nutrients as possible. Ideally, you don’t use fruit juice, but fresh fruit that you puree with the peel. In this form, green smoothies can easily replace one or two of the daily recommended five servings of vegetables and fruit.

In order to make the green smoothies as healthy as possible, you should pay attention to the correct preparation. Basically, foods that contain bitter substances are difficult to digest if they have to be chewed. Although pureeing eliminates the actually healthy chewing process, the green vegetables – carrot greens also work – are much more digestible and the usability of the ingredients is increased. A simple hand blender can already do a good job here. A high-performance mixer works even better. It can crush the plant fibers particularly thoroughly, making the pureed even easier to digest. Good blender models also heat the food very little when chopping, so all the nutrients in the ingredients are preserved.

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