Which Juice Can Help to Cope with Hypertension – The Answer of Scientists

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A daily intake of one glass of a very specific juice reduces systolic blood pressure by three millimeters of mercury in humans.

A large portion of orange juice lowers blood pressure, and regular consumption of this drink helps to avoid heart problems.

According to Kerry Ruxton, MD, from the Fruit Juice Science Center (Belgium), a daily intake of one glass of orange juice reduces systolic blood pressure by three millimeters of mercury and diastolic blood pressure by almost two millimeters.

“Both oranges and orange juice contain a plant polyphenol called hesperidin, which relaxes our blood vessels, making it easier for the body to control blood pressure. It is absorbed more efficiently from juice than from whole oranges because the small amount of fiber in whole oranges prevents hesperidin from being absorbed by the body. Orange juice is also a source of potassium, which helps control blood pressure,” Ruxton explained.

According to the doctor, hesperidin in the human body is converted to hesperetin during digestion.

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