Which Pots And Pans Are Part of the Basic Equipment?

Quality pots and pans are expensive, so it’s important to think about the basics first. When setting up a kitchen for the first time, you should ask yourself two questions: How many people do you regularly cook for? Which dishes do you like to prepare the most? This depends on how many pots and pans you need.

At least two small pots with a diameter of around 16 centimeters and two larger ones with a diameter of around 20 centimeters should be part of your basic equipment, as well as at least one pan. One of the small saucepans should be a shallow saucepan. Sauces can be prepared well in this so-called casserole. A higher pot with two handles on the sides is suitable for potatoes or vegetables. With the large pots, a flat pot is recommended for large quantities of vegetables and a high pot for meat dishes. If you prefer to cook soups and stews, a 5-liter pot should not be missing in your kitchen.

The type of pan you need depends on whether you want to cook omelets, fried eggs, pancakes, vegetables, or fish in it more often. Or whether you need a pan in which you can sear meat and roast potatoes until crispy. If the former is the case, pans coated with Teflon or ceramic are the right choice. For the latter, it is better to choose a stainless steel or iron pan. Ideally, both pans should be part of your basic equipment. Also, make sure you have the right lids for all your pots and pans. With these, you can cook energy-saving and without fat splashes. They are also essential for cooking methods such as stewing or steaming.

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