Whip The Cream Until Stiff – That’s How It Works

This will stiffen the whipped cream

The cream is very difficult to whip when it is hot, so it is best to put the cream in the fridge the evening before. You should put the whipped cream in it at the same time and if there is still enough space in the fridge, you can also add the mixing bowl.

  • After you have poured the cold cream into the mixing bowl, which should also be cold if possible, set the hand mixer to the lowest setting.
  • If the cream begins to thicken, switch to level two. If desired, you can now add sugar or vanilla sugar.
  • After about a minute, or just before the cream becomes stiff, set the hand mixer to level three. After a few seconds, the cream should be stiff.
  • As soon as the cream is nice and stiff, stop stirring immediately, otherwise, you will separate the whey and butter and “break” the cream.

Save the cream with small tools

  • Whipping cream with a hand mixer is almost always successful. However, you should always have a packet of cream stiffeners in the kitchen for emergencies, as it is well known that everything always goes wrong when you least need it. In addition, there are now also Biovegan cream stiffeners.
  • Before the cream stiffener existed, housewives had one or two little tricks up their sleeves to save the cream after all. This includes, for example, a pinch of salt in the cream.
  • Alternatively, you can try your luck with two to three squeezes of lemon.
  • Another way to save the cream is based on the same principle as the cream stiffener: dissolve a little gelatine in hot water and then slowly stir the mixture into the cream.

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