Why Bay Leaf is Placed Under the Pillow: Aura, Health and Nerves Will Be Like Ropes

We will tell you why you should burn bay leaves at home and how to purify the air.

Every kitchen has bay leaves. It is added to most dishes, but few people know that it is not a simple spice. Bay leaf is a medicinal plant and a source of longevity. Glavred will tell you more about its properties and why you should put bay leaves under your pillow.

Useful properties of bay leaf

Fresh and dried, bay leaves have a lot of useful properties. If in ancient times this plant was credited with magical powers, modern science has explained the guesswork.

The leaves of the plant contain essential oils, and fatty acids, as well as vitamins A, B, and PP, potassium, calcium, manganese, and iron. Thanks to this composition, even in dry form, bay leaves can freshen the air in the room and promote good sleep. Bay essential oil is used in medicine and cosmetology. It is used to make various preparations, creams, and ointments.

In folk medicine, bay leaf is used for the treatment and prevention of joint diseases, and for cleansing blood vessels. Ointments based on bay essential oil relieve pain in osteochondrosis. It is believed that the plant is able to calm and improve sleep, so the bay leaf under the pillow has become a frequent guest.

Bay leaf is also great for fighting skin rashes. Youthful acne and acne, inflammation, and rashes can be eliminated thanks to tinctures. It is also believed that products based on this plant help to even out skin tone, remove age spots, and balance the sebaceous glands on the face.

Why put a bay leaf under your pillow and burn it

In addition to its healing properties, bay leaf has magical properties – it cleanses the aura, and space, attracts prophetic dreams, and wards off trouble. To get the described results, the plant is burned or placed under the pillow.

What is the use of bay leaf smoke? First of all, the smoke fills the room with aroma, which means it has an even better effect on the human body and mind. It is believed that bay leaf smoke relieves epileptic seizures, and fatigue, relaxes the body, relieves depression, and has a positive effect on the respiratory system.

If you do not want to burn the leaves, you can use another method – put a bay leaf under your pillow. This will help you get rid of depression, insomnia, and stress. How does bay leaf affect sleep? It promotes relaxation, soothes, and speeds up the process of falling asleep.

If you have heard the advice “Always keep a bay leaf under your pillow”, you should heed it, as a few leaves in the room will help strengthen the immune system and destroy all pathogens in the air. During illness, you need to put 1-3 leaves under your pillow. To purify the air, the leaves are laid out in each corner.

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Written by Emma Miller

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