Why You Should Always Eat The Avocado Seed

The sandwich with avocado was a dream again, but now a big question arises: What do you do with the avocado stone? Keep or throw away? We have the answer to that question!

We love avocados! The little fruits not only taste heavenly good, but they are also good for you. And the avocado seeds first! The avocado seeds? Yes, exactly! Very few of us know that they throw away the most valuable part of the avocado with the avocado stone. Around 70 percent of an avocado’s healthy nutrients are found in its pit.

A little tip: You can also plant the avocado seed just as well. This will soon create a small avocado tree and you will have supplies of the delicious fruit. You can find out how to grow an avocado here.

The avocado seed has more antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables. And that’s not all. The healthy stone is richer in fiber than oatmeal and the like. In plain language: it keeps the cholesterol level low, prevents bacterial and viral infections, and stimulates digestion.

But how to eat avocado seeds?

The easiest way is to enjoy the avocado seed in a smoothie. To do this, simply cut the core into large pieces, put it in a blender, and mix it with other types of fruit and vegetables to make a healthy drink. A little tip: since the avocado core has a relatively strong taste of its own, it is better to drink it in combination with ‘strong’ types of fruit and vegetables such as frozen berries, pineapple, cabbage, and spinach.

Healthy chocolate mousse: It’s so easy to conjure up a healthy avocado chocolate mousse.

Also delicious: ground avocado seeds as a topping on savory and sweet dishes. Simply grind the core finely and pour it over your favorite dishes like sugar, salt, and pepper. A little tip: the superfood will keep longer if you let it dry after grinding.

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Written by John Myers

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