Wild Boar

The spicy taste of wild boar is appreciated by many meat lovers, whether in the form of goulash, roast, or sausage. You can find out how to recognize good quality when shopping and which parts of the animals are suitable for which wild boar recipes in our product information.

Interesting facts about wild boar

Wild boar meat tastes spicier than domestic pig meat and is leaner. The animals, also known as wild boars, live in our local forests and feed mainly on mushrooms and tree fruits such as acorns. Due to the species-appropriate way of life, the animals are interesting for everyone who prefers organic products and does not want to consume meat from factory farming.

Purchasing and storage

It is best to buy wild boar meat that has been well marinated, as it is particularly juicy and aromatic. The dressing changes the taste of the meat, which also depends on the age of the animal killed. Young wild boar are suitable for quick frying, older animals from the age of five should be stewed longer. If you use the wild boar hunting season from mid-June to the end of January for shopping, the offer is at its greatest. During this time you will get boarlings and defectors, outside of the venison season there will only be boarlings. During the mating season from November to January, wild boar meat may taste penetrating and is inedible. When shopping, make sure it doesn’t smell unpleasant. You can also recognize good quality and freshness by the fact that the meat is taut, looks reddish and in no way blackish, and does not have a metallic sheen. It should be noted that game meat is more intense in color than that of normal pork. At home, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to three days and observe the best before date, or freeze it for up to six months.

Cooking tips for wild boar

You should always roast wild boar and never eat it raw or still bloody, as contamination with germs is always possible with game meat. Steaks from the saddle of wild boar or the neck can be marinated and used for grilling. You can use fillets from the underside of the loin for our recipe wild boar with ratatouille. Boned ribs and shoulders are ideal for roasts, goulash, and stews, small legs can be roasted whole. A popular wild boar stew is knuckle – try our recipe for roast pork knuckle!

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