Wild Herb Salad – Goodness From Nature

The term wild herbs include all those herbaceous plants that are suitable for consumption and not processed by breeding, but are native to the respective country, i.e. thrive in meadows and fields or in river meadows and forests. For example, the flowers of the daisy or the leaves of the common dandelion can be used in salads. Wild chives are suitable as a seasoning. Nettles can be processed like spinach.


Depending on the country of origin, there are different wild herbs. “Collecting herbs” has a long tradition. Spice-up salads with wild herbs is becoming more and more fashionable and is worth it for the “eye candy” alone.


The season usually begins at the end of March and ends in November. Depending on the season, you will find the following herbs in the salad mixes: Wild mustard – field violets – amaranth various – sorrel various – valerian – bittersweet – comfrey – fleabane, Canadian – Comphrey – speedwell – Cinquefoil – French herb – daisy – sowthistle – goosefoot, various – ground elder – bellflower – goldenrod – ground ivy – wild hops – wild hops – garlic mustard – knotweed, sorrel leaves – compass lettuce – bedstraw – campion – spoonwort – dandelion, various – mallow, various – Report, various – Poppy – Clovewort – Rainkohl – Rocket, various – Sorrel – Sedum various – Yarrow – Lesser celandine – Edible chrysanthemum – Deadnettle, various – Violet – Chickweed – Plantain, various – Chicory – Willowherb – Bear’s hogweed – Burnet – Meadow margarite – meadow smock – wild carrot and others.


The wild herbs usually taste more intense than the cultivated varieties.


Many edible wild herbs are used in the kitchen, for example for leafy or wild vegetables or a fresh wild herb salad. You use parsley and mint as the basis for our herb salad. If wild herbs are dried, they can also be used as an ingredient in salads (e.g. leaf salads, wild lettuce), teas (e.g. leaf teas), or when cooking all kinds of dishes.

Storage/shelf life

Wild herb salad can be stored in the refrigerator for about 5 days.

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