With Ginger Against Breast Cancer

Ginger affects not only breast cancer but also other cancer cells in a way that restarts their suicide program. Ginger could therefore play an important role in cancer therapy. Researchers also discovered that ginger – unlike many conventional cancer drugs – does not damage healthy cells.

Breast cancer: often not curable

In most cases, breast cancer is treated with the drug tamoxifen or other drugs that interfere with hormone balance. However, almost all patients with metastases and about 40 percent of patients who receive tamoxifen after a relapse dies from their breast cancer despite treatment.

Effective and at the same time side-effect-free therapies against breast cancer are therefore urgently needed.

Ginger: Effective against breast cancer

Researchers at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia have now investigated the effect of a raw ginger extract on breast cancer cells. They found that ginger actually works against cancer cells and can activate their suspended suicide program.

It was also shown that ginger affects cancer cells in a wide variety of ways and via different mechanisms. Healthy cells, on the other hand, are not negatively affected by ginger.

Ginger: Effective not only for breast cancer

However, the anti-cancer properties of ginger are already known from earlier studies.

For example, ginger is also effective against skin cancer as well as liver, colon, and prostate cancer. Ginger was even able to exert positive influences on less promising types of cancer, such as lung and pancreatic cancer.

Ginger not only tastes good but is also effective against serious diseases such as cancer due to its powerful secondary plant substances.

Ginger for pain and nausea

At the same time, ginger is a well-known remedy for pain (e.g. for joint problems) and also for nausea – namely against nausea that can occur during pregnancy as well as against the so-called travel or seasickness, i.e. nausea that occurs when driving a car or arises at sea.

With regard to the treatment of cancer, it is interesting that ginger also helps with nausea when it occurs as a result of chemotherapy.

What dose of ginger is needed?

Cell experiments with ginger extract are described in the article. There are therefore no specific dosage recommendations or recommendations for use of ginger for cancer prevention. However, one could simply incorporate as much ginger into the diet as possible, e.g. B. Drink ginger tea (mix ginger with hot water, do not strain, drink it completely) and add ginger to soups and vegetable dishes.

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