7 Reasons Carrot Juice Is So Healthy

Carrot juice has unexpected health benefits: it can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels, alleviate skin problems and even have an anti-cancer effect. We have put together 7 good reasons why you should drink carrot juice every day!

Carrot juice has a wonderfully sweet taste, vibrant color and high nutritional value. These are all good reasons to like carrot juice. But you’ll want to drink it even more in the future when you find out what health and beauty effects carrot juice has in store.

That’s what makes carrot juice so healthy

Carrots are best known for their positive effects on the eyes. But vegetables can do much more. Especially as a juice, where nutrients are concentrated, carrots can be beneficial to health in a number of ways: 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking More Carrot Juice!

1. Carrot juice ensures healthy digestion

Regulated digestion is important to ensure good absorption of nutrients from food. Drinking a glass of carrot juice before a meal helps stimulate the digestive juices, allowing all of the macro and micronutrients from the diet to be absorbed. In addition, the fiber contained in the juice promotes digestion.

2. Carrot juice supports the normal function of the eyes

Carrots are particularly rich in beta-carotene. This vitamin is important for the visual process as it is involved in the retina in the light-dark adjustment of the eye. This is one of the reasons why so-called night blindness can be prevented or improved with carrot juice, but the root vegetable does not cure ametropia.

3. Carrot juice is particularly healthy for people with diabetes

According to medical experts, diabetics can benefit from consuming a glass of carrot juice every day. The reason lies in the so-called carotenoids, which are responsible for the orange color of the carrot. Studies have shown that carotenoids protect against high blood sugar levels by reducing the body’s production of insulin.

Carrots also contain the dietary fiber pectin, which ensures that the sugar absorbed from food only enters the blood very slowly and thus prevents a rapid rise in blood sugar.

But be careful! Jens Kröger, a diabetologist and CEO of the German Diabetes Aid, knows that many “discounter” juices contain huge amounts of sugar. In the Enjoy Life podcast – successfully living with diabetes, he talks about his commitment to clear messages on food.

4. Carrot juice is good for the skin

The vitamin A contained in carrot juice is what is known as an antioxidant, which protects the skin cells from damage caused by cell toxins and ensures that the skin is supplied with moisture. If the body lacks this vitamin, the skin dries out more quickly, becomes brittle and cracked, calloused and wrinkles form more quickly.

People who suffer from psoriasis or other skin diseases with itching should drink carrot juice every day, as the vitamin A it contains can also relieve itching.

5. Carotenoids give a glowing complexion

Daily consumption of carrot juice ensures a beautiful complexion. On the one hand, the ingredients of the liver juice help to break down harmful substances, which, among other things, also makes the complexion clearer. On the other hand, the so-called carotenoids give the skin a slightly orange tone reminiscent of a delicate holiday tan. This effect is particularly common in babies who eat a lot of carrot pulp.

6. Carrots are said to protect against cancer

Due to their antioxidant properties, the contained carotenoids should even be able to prevent cancer. Studies have shown that consuming at least 125ml of carrot juice daily can significantly reduce the risk of developing larynx, prostate, cervical, bladder or colon cancer.

7. Carrot juice has an effect on cholesterol levels

It has been proven that drinking a glass of carrot juice a day can lower your cholesterol levels. Carrot juice is high in both potassium and fiber. These protect the cardiovascular system by preventing fat deposits on the vessel walls, so-called plaques, which in the worst case can lead to a heart attack.

Carrot juice every day – but not too much!

Drinking carrot juice every day is good for your health. However, one should not overdo it. More than one glass (250 ml) of carrot juice per day can lead to an overdose of vitamin A, which can lead to headaches and nausea.

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