Are there any popular Libyan drinks?

Introduction: Libyan Drinks

Libya is a North African country with a rich culinary culture. While the country is known for its delicious food, its beverages are equally unique and flavorful. Libyan drinks are diverse and range from traditional teas to refreshing fruit juices and smoothies. The drinks are an integral part of Libyan culture and are commonly served during social events and gatherings. In this article, we will explore some popular Libyan drinks.

Tea in Libya

Tea is a common drink in Libya, and it is served hot and sweetened with sugar. The most popular tea in Libya is known as “Atay” or “Shay,” and it is brewed with loose green tea leaves and a sprig of mint. Libyan tea is usually served in small glasses and is an essential part of Libyan hospitality. It is customary to offer guests tea upon their arrival, and it is considered impolite to refuse.

Qamar Al-Din

Qamar Al-Din is a popular drink in Libya, especially during the holy month of Ramadan. It is a thick apricot nectar made from dried apricots that have been soaked in water overnight, strained, and sweetened with sugar. It is a refreshing drink that is perfect for breaking the fast during Ramadan. Qamar Al-Din is also available in a canned form, but the traditional recipe is made at home.

Sharab Al-Ward

Sharab Al-Ward is a rosewater drink that is commonly served during weddings and other special occasions. It is made from rose petals, sugar, and lemon juice, and it is served chilled. Sharab Al-Ward has a sweet and floral taste and is the perfect drink to cool down on a hot summer day.

Libyan Coffee

Libyan coffee is a strong, dark coffee that is brewed with cardamom and served with dates or other sweets. It is commonly served during social events and is an integral part of Libyan hospitality. Libyan coffee is also known as “Turkish coffee” as it is a popular drink in many Arab countries.

Date Palm Juice (Legmi)

Date palm juice, also known as Legmi, is a refreshing drink made from the sap of date palms. The juice is collected by tapping the palm trees and is then boiled to remove any impurities. Legmi has a sweet and nutty taste and is commonly served during the winter months. It is also used in cooking to add flavor to various dishes.

In conclusion, Libyan drinks are an essential part of Libyan culture, and they offer a diverse range of flavors and tastes. From traditional teas to refreshing fruit juices and smoothies, Libyan beverages are unique and flavorful. The drinks are an integral part of Libyan hospitality and are commonly served during social events and gatherings. Next time you visit Libya, make sure to try some of these popular drinks.

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