Avocado Dip – Quick and Easy to Make Yourself

Make your own avocado dip: quick, delicious, and easy

Avocado dip on a baguette tastes particularly good as a grill side dish. For the dip, you need a ripe avocado, a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lime juice, two to three cloves of garlic, 100 grams of sour cream or crème fraîche, salt, and white pepper, and cayenne pepper.

  1. Halve and stone the avocado (|how to use lifehack) and then scoop out the flesh. By the way, you don’t have to throw away the core, you can use it cleverly.
  2. Put the pulp in a blender.
  3. Using a garlic press, press the garlic into the avocado in the blender and add all the other ingredients except the spices.
  4. Now mix everything until the dip has reached a creamy consistency.
  5. Pour the dip into a suitable container and season with plenty of salt, white pepper, and cayenne pepper.

Tip: Vegan avocado dip or with spicy spices

For a vegan version of the dip, replace the sour cream or crème fraîche with unsweetened natural soy yoghurt, soy crème fraîche. Or you simply leave them out. The dip can be modified as you like and you can refine it with spices according to your taste:

  • For a savory version, add chili flakes.
  • If you like it very spicy, cut the green chili into small pieces and stir them into the dip.
  • If you love herbs, mix in chopped herbs. Dill, lemon balm, arugula, and parsley are good choices, as is cilantro or marjoram.

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