Beware Of This Organic Chicken Leg

Organic is not always better: Of all things, an organic brand fails Stiftung Warentest’s chicken leg test. The legs of free-range turkeys were already spoiled before the expiry date. On the other hand, the organic products from Rewe and Biofino scored well.

Whether from the oven, from the pan, or from the grill: chicken thighs taste almost always.

But for this, the meat must be of good quality. Stiftung Warentest put 17 chicken leg products to the test.

Only five were rated “good. Seven scored “satisfactory,” and four were only “sufficient.” One deficient organic product, organic chicken legs from Freiland Puten, was even completely spoiled.

The following products, on the other hand, scored well:

  • Rewe Bio chicken thighs: “good” (1.8)
  • Lidl Landjunker chicken thigh with the back piece: “good” (1.9)
  • Biofino organic chicken leg: “good” (2,0)
  • Rewe Ja chicken thigh with the back piece: “good” (2,3)
  • Wiesenhof chicken thighs: “good” (2.4)

Chicken legs in the test: organic is usually better

The experts at Stiftung Warentest tested the smell and appearance of the raw meat as well as the smell and taste of the already prepared version (without spices and co.). An important and potentially devastating criterion was also the germ load on the meat, says the magazine “test” (April 2021 issue).

Two organic products scored best. Although the thighs from Rewe Bio tasted best to the testers, the chicken legs from Biofino won in the overall evaluation. Because: Biofino is also convincing in terms of animal welfare. Third place goes to the legs from Lidl, which are the “best value” in the test.

Only two manufacturers score “good” for animal welfare

In the evaluation of the animal welfare of the various companies, only two companies score “good”: Freiland Turkeys and Biofino. In contrast, the ratings “satisfactory” and “sufficient” predominate. Nevertheless: No company fails here, most of them are in the mediocre range.

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