Don’t Buy Candles Made of These Materials: They’re Bad for Your Health

Are paraffin candles harmful?

Paraffin is the product of petroleum distillation. The more a candle is a poorly purified paraffin, the more soot it emits. During the combustion of such a candle, there is a black residue. Also, candles made of paraffin with poor cleaning have an unpleasant smell. It is better not to buy such candles.

Technical paraffin with a low degree of purification in combustion releases toxic substances like toluene and benzene. In small doses, they do not cause serious health problems, but with frequent use, they can cause health problems. These substances are also carcinogens and harm the central nervous system.

The harm of scented candles

High-quality beeswax candles are considered fairly safe. However, essential oils in their composition change their chemical composition when they burn and become toxic. These fumes in high concentrations can cause headaches.

What is the harm of gel candles?

Gel candles themselves are safe. But inside they sometimes have a decorative filler made of plastic fabric. Plastic releases toxic substances when it burns. Also, gel candles with decorations are considered the most flammable. It is better to choose gel candles with stones that do not ignite.

How to use candles safely

To make sure the candles do not harm your health, it is recommended to light them for no more than half an hour in a row. You should also ventilate the room regularly while using candles. It is not recommended to light candles before going to bed – it can worsen the quality of sleep.

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Written by Emma Miller

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