Fat Killer Workout: With This HIIT Workout You Will Reach Your Desired Weight

Do you want to lose weight effectively? Then this 15-minute HIIT workout is just right for you! Fitness trainer LeaLight explains how it works.

You’d like to get rid of those fat pads, but cardio sessions in the freezing cold just aren’t your idea of fun? How about a fat-burning workout at home instead?

Coach LeaLight has created 15 intense minutes that will challenge your whole body and give you a great workout.

The best thing about this workout is that it’s quick and you don’t need any additional equipment, so you can do it quickly at any time – even during your lunch break at home.

This way, even on cold and rainy days, your body gets the exercise it deserves.

Why a HIIT workout is worthwhile

HIIT workouts are extremely strenuous for your body, but they do come with some benefits – as evidenced by a 2019 study. The goal of the study was to find out if HIIT workouts are actually more effective.

For the study, male and female subjects completed a HIIT workout and a running workout at a steady pace at different times.

Nine minutes after each workout, the average calorie consumption was measured.

The result: The HIIT group consumed an average of three kcal per minute, while the group of runners only consumed 2.8 kcal per minute.

Are you convinced? Then find out now how you can do the HIIT workout.

HIIT workout: 15 minutes without interruption

Prepare a non-slip surface for the workout and make sure you have something to drink so you can rehydrate right after the session. There are no breaks within the 15 minutes. So it’s all about giving it your all!

Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds before continuing seamlessly with the next one.

To ensure that you can really perform the workout without interruption, Lea explains at the very beginning what to look out for in the five different exercises. Got everything? Very good – then you’re ready to go!

Lunge Kick – both sides

The first exercise not only demands a lot from your endurance but also strengthens your legs. However, to bring more stability to the matter, you should also target your core.

While performing the lunges, make sure to keep your upper body as straight as possible. Your weight is on your front heel and your back knee is only almost touching the floor as you lower.

Knee to elbow plank – both sides

This is an intense full-body exercise – have fun with planking.

The most important thing here is correct posture and body tension. More specifically, this means shoulders away from the ears, actively pulling your belly button up, and keeping your back as straight as possible.

In addition, activate the free foot by pulling the toes forward. You should also make sure to keep your head in line with your body. So look down rather than forward.

Squat Kick – both sides

After primarily putting your upper body under high tension, it’s now your legs and butt’s turn.

In this variation of the squat, make sure that your weight is permanently on your heels. Your upper body should be as straight as possible without forming a hollow back.

In order to reach the desired muscle groups with the execution, place your mental focus on the working muscle strands – i.e. the back of your legs and those of your butt.

Side plank crunch – both sides

With high tension, we continue with the Side Plank. Again, the correct basic posture is important. Place your elbows directly under your shoulders, tense your core, and form a line with your body.

To make this exercise a little easier for you, adjust your breathing to the movement. Exhale as you pull your arm and leg together and then inhale as you lengthen.

Bridge kick – both sides

Your limbs are already shaking, but you still have some energy left? Then give it all you’ve got for the last exercise!

This exercise is all about grabbing the top of your foot with your diagonally offset hand – a bit of a balancing act for sure.

“If it’s a little wobbly like that in the exercises; let it wobble, let it pull, let it shake – I can’t guarantee I’m always strong and balanced either,” Lea explains. “Take it as it comes.”

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