Gene Diet: Losing Weight According To Meta-Types

The gene diet promises weight loss success based on an analysis of the DNA. But how exactly does the method work and does it deliver what it promises?

The genetic or DNA diet is a diet method of CoGAP based on DNA analysis. The goal of the genetic metabolic analysis is fast and healthy weight loss with long-term effects.

After the DNA analysis, the individual results are adapted to the respective genetic metabolism type.

What is CoGAP®?

CoGAP® – Center of Genetic Analysis and Prognosis – is a German company dedicated to the development of genetic analysis. The goal of the company is to provide genetic analysis to improve health.

DNA gives a lot of information about metabolism, health condition, and other biological processes in the body. Thanks to analysis, these should be available to healthy people in everyday life.

Thus, according to, health care can be tailored to individual needs.

The four meta types

According to CoGAP®, there are four so-called meta-types. Each meta-type is said to process the main components of food (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) differently. Specifically, it looks like this:

  • Meta-type Alpha: The Meta-type Alpha can process protein-rich food – such as fish, meat, and dairy products – better than other metabolic types. People who want to lose weight and are meta-type alpha should limit their consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods – including pasta, white flour, and sugar – and fatty foods.
  • Meta-type Beta: People in this metabolic category can process fats well in addition to proteins. To achieve success in losing weight, Meta-type Beta should therefore make sure to keep their consumption of carbohydrates to a minimum.
  • Meta-type Gamma: This type can metabolize carbohydrates very well, but does not process protein- and fat-rich foods so well. A diet recommendation for the Meta-type Gamma is therefore to reduce proteins and fats.
  • Meta-type Delta: The fourth type has no problem processing carbohydrates and fats. However, protein-rich foods should be avoided by the Meta-type Delta as part of a diet.

Alleged benefits of the gene-diet

According to, a key advantage of the gene-diet is that the diet and exercise recommendations are tailored to the individual.

This enables healthy weight loss and avoidance of the dreaded yo-yo effect, as the diet is changed over the long term here.

There is also one of two sports recommendations for each of the meta-types: Endurance or Speed. The providers assume that the suitable sports variant causes a particularly effective calorie consumption during the training.

For example, endurance sports such as jogging, walking, swimming, and rowing would be suitable for the Delta type.

Costs of the gene-diet

The DNA examination is only necessary once. It costs around 200 to 250 euros, including personal consultation. Health insurance companies do not cover the costs.

Expert’s verdict

According to the consumer advice center, there is no scientific evidence that a diet adapted to the genetically predetermined metabolic profile works better than other diets.

Without a personal, expert, or medically supervised advice, the method is therefore negligent, according to the experts.

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