How to Break up With a Girl or a Guy Right: Tips and Beautiful Phrases

Sometimes breaking up with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife may seem like the only right thing to do, because you don’t think there is a good future with these people. But you have to realize that there will be another problem – how to start a new relationship after the breakup.

However, it’s not easy to create a plan of what to do when you break up so that you don’t hurt the person you love. Often you just want to turn on “ignore” mode, explain nothing to anyone, and live your life. But to put it mildly, this is not a good option to end the relationship with the person, especially the one that you care about even a little bit.

How to break up with a loved one correctly – tips

It is worth noting that the concept of “right” parting is very relative. It should be understood as a situation in which the breakup will be the least painful for both parties.

If one person has finally put a point in the relationship, and for another, they are an integral part of life, then do not hurt the one with whom you want to break up, in that case, is unlikely to work, and with this, you must accept. Your task in such a case is to explain everything correctly.

How to break up with the guy you love, but there is no future – tips

The most important thing is to clearly indicate to yourself the reason for the relationship breakup, you have to coldly voice it. But do not confuse the reason with the accusation – your task is not to make the man apologize or try to fix things, you have to explain that we are parting ways.

An important role in breaking up is the place where you decide to do it. Choose a point that is not connected with the moments from the past, and which in the future you can easily bypass.

Since we are interested in how to break up with the guy and not offend him, it is worth remembering that in no case be allowed to escalate. You must be calm and confident. Before a serious conversation, you need a rehearsal. You need to know what to say – it is very important.

Be sincere, thank the person for all the good that was between you, but do not stir up the past – memories will only increase the bitterness of parting. All the good stuff should be put into a long box to make room for something new and beautiful.

The longer you were with the person together, the harder it is to let go of everything that was between you. Before you break up with your husband, not just your boyfriend, it is better to even write down the reasons why you want to put an end to the relationship.

This is what will help you to be free of this relationship forever, and not after some time to return to it and in the future to look for a way out again, to decide to break up, because the dissatisfaction did not go anywhere.

How to break up with a woman – tips

Breaking up with a woman is no different from saying goodbye to a man. To a woman, too, you can just explain everything correctly – do not point out the shortcomings, accentuate the fact that her real soulmate is walking around somewhere and misses her.

How to break up with a guy via text message – what you need to know

If the relationship is not serious, then everything can be explained without a personal meeting. But do not forget the most important thing – you need to specify the reason for the breakup. So you will save the guy from a headache – he will not think about why you did so. Just remember – do not hurt a man’s feelings, your task is to explain, not to humiliate.

How to break up beautiful – phrases that can help to say goodbye

These phrases can help you fill an uncomfortable pause during a breakup:

  • While you’re with me, your true love is just howling with loneliness.
  • Don’t waste your time with me, you’ll find a lot moving forward without a “suitcase without a handle.”
  • That fire that was in our hearts has turned to ashes. It’s time to get rid of the ashes.
  • We’ve been living in one tiny universe – it’s time to expand our horizons.
  • Nothing just happens, we gave each other pieces of our souls and became better versions of ourselves.

A beautiful phrase, used at the right moment, can help smooth things over.

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