How to Hide Wrinkles Under Makeup: Discover All the Feminine Tricks

Wrinkles cannot be prevented because they are age-related skin changes. However, with the help of some grooming and cosmetic products they can be masked. Let’s figure out how to do makeup to avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

What products smooth out wrinkles

Often women neglect the care cosmetics, not fully aware of all their value to the skin. The result is that wrinkles appear on the face much faster than we would like them to. To get rid of wrinkles, it’s worth stocking up on a few products.

A wrinkle primer can help fight this problem. It’ll unclog pores and make lines and wrinkles appear less prominent, as it smoothes out your skin’s texture. The fixer, which will fix the effect after the filler primer, won’t be superfluous either.

Also with all seriousness choose a foundation. If your wrinkles are too pronounced, the ideal choice would be a foundation with a light glow. It will make your skin look fresher and younger.

Pay attention to the concealer, which was created specifically for anti-aging makeup. Its main advantage is that it does not roll up into wrinkles, on the contrary, it smoothes the skin, making it more even.

How to hide wrinkles under makeup

Anti-aging makeup is performed in several stages. The first is the application of foundation. Use a soft brush to evenly distribute the foundation not to emphasize wrinkles and secure it with mineral powder.

The second stage is contouring. Use a contouring palette to highlight your cheekbones and make your nose look sharper.

Then, apply a touch of highlighter to areas that have the most wrinkles, to give your skin a little more radiance.

And, of course, put a smile on your face that will outshine any wrinkles.

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Written by Emma Miller

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