How to Repair a Zipper on a Backpack or Jacket in 5 Minutes: Useful Tips

Zippers are a popular type of zipper that is often used on bags, backpacks, jackets, and other closet items. Sometimes these zippers break or pop out of the mechanism – you have to fix them.

How you can fix a zipper yourself

If you understand that the cause of a broken zipper in the slider, you can easily repair the mechanism with ordinary pliers. You need to:

  • Pull back the doggie to the bottom edge of the product and unzip the zipper;
  • Grasp the bottom and top edges of the lock with pliers;
  • Gently squeeze the edges so as not to break the runner.

This procedure can be done twice – if more often, the mechanism will wear out and break, eventually requiring a complete replacement of the slider.

On some things manufacturers install plastic runners – then the question of how to repair the clasp on the bag becomes more relevant. Plastic is a material less durable and more fragile, but it, too, can be corrected with pliers. Act in this case, you need to follow the principle described above, but more carefully – plastic is easier to break.

How to repair the lock on the bag with a fork, paper clip, or pin

The original way, which saves in critical situations – quick repair of the mechanism with the help of improvised means. If the clasp has failed, you can use a fork:

  • Fix the cutlery somehow;
  • insert it between 1 and 4 prongs (2 and 3 “put” on the fork);
  • put both parts of the zipper through the runner;
  • gently pull out the fork.

A paper clip or a pin will also work, but here the principle is different – put the items through the fabric and the slider, and then connect the parts of the paper clip or pin to each other. Of course, you should not leave such “repair” forever, but in a force majeure situation, it will definitely save you.

How to insert a runner in the zipper on a bag or jacket

If you do not have the opportunity to take a thing to the workshop, then you can repair it yourself. For this you will need:

  • a new zipper with a slider;
  • thread and needle;
  • pliers;
  • scissors.

Next, you need to remove or cut the stopper on one side of the zipper and cut the thickening of the braid at the level of the zipper. Wiggling, remove the lock and insert a new runner at an angle – first in one half, and then – in the second. The place of cut fabric is neatly sewn up with a needle and thread.

Useful tip: to make the lock easier to remove, you can lubricate it with oil or petroleum jelly.

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