How to Soothe a Crying Baby: Tips for Young Parents

Sooner or later every family is faced with not knowing how to soothe a crying baby.

Perhaps all parents are familiar with the situation when a baby cries and it is impossible to calm him down. What to do in this situation, how to calm the baby in 5 seconds? Let’s find out.

Why is a baby crying?

With the help of crying baby tells you that something is wrong. When it comes to how to calm your baby’s psyche, it’s important to understand what exactly is causing your baby to worry.

Your baby may cry if:

  • he is hungry;
  • your baby is worried about burping or bloating;
  • He needs a diaper change;
  • he/she wants to sleep;
  • wants to be held or rocked;
  • the baby is hot or cold;
  • the baby is colicky;
  • something is bothering the baby, like a diaper or clothes that are pressing, or a tight diaper
  • bothering the baby;
  • your baby is teething.

How to comfort a baby if he is crying

  • Take him in your arms and press him to your chest.
  • Swaddle or, alternatively, swaddle him.
  • Give your baby a breast, bottle, or pacifier.
  • Rock the baby to white noise.
  • If the child is older, try to divert his attention. Look out the window with him or turn on the TV.

Replace emotional activity with physical activity. Take your child under your arms and let him jump on the bed. Or toss a low one in the air.

How to calm your baby in 5 seconds

There is a real way to soothe your baby in literally seconds. It was shown by Dr. Hamilton. Currently, a video on how to instantly soothe a crying baby has accumulated over 56 million views.

First, take the baby in your arms and cross his arms over your chest. Press your crossed arms with your left palm against his chest and rest your baby on the same palm – at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Use the fingers of the same left hand to hold his chin, so his head doesn’t fall down. Support the newborn under the diaper with your right palm.

Holding the baby at a 45-degree angle, start gently rocking the baby. This may be an up-and-down or side-to-side motion. In just a few seconds, the baby will stop talking.

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Written by Emma Miller

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