Pape Diet: Lose Weight Overnight – Is It Possible?

If you go on a food combining diet during the day, you can lose pounds while you sleep. Eat full and burn extra fat overnight – what can the Pape Diet do?

Lose weight overnight? This promise of the Pape diet sounds tempting. The diet based on insulin separation diets was developed by Dr. Detlef Pape, an internist, and is based on the assumption that high insulin levels promote the accumulation of fat. According to Dr. Pape, excessive insulin secretion is triggered by the combination of carbohydrates with animal protein. So it is necessary to avoid them.

The concept of the Pape diet is simple

The perfect mix of nutrients for morning, noon, and evening is to keep insulin levels in check. According to the “Slim in sleep” concept of Detlef Pape, the body uses a lot of energy, especially at night, for its regeneration processes, which it gets from the fat cells. Those who eat during the day correctly and in the evening without carbohydrates take this in their sleep.

Insulin in the Pape diet

Insulin controls fat processing and storage and thus determines whether we gain or lose weight. It also transports other nutrients into the cells, where they are used for energy production. In order to minimize the insulin reaction and the stimulation of the fat cells, expert Pape, therefore, recommends meals that are either carbohydrate- or protein-emphasized.

The daily routine with the Pape Diet

With the Diät there are three meals in the day, which must be taken in distances of 5 hours to itself. On intermediate meals is completely renounced, so that the pancreas comes to the rest. Emerging hunger pangs can be curbed by calorie-free drinks, bouillon, up to five nuts, some low-fat cheese, or natural yogurt.

For breakfast, have a high-carbohydrate meal consisting of cereal, bread, rolls, jam, or honey. Important: Never combine carbohydrates with protein. Milk, yogurt, and quark are taboo just like eggs, cheese, and sausage.

At lunchtime, carbohydrates and proteins are combined. Vegetables and potatoes, fish and rice, pasta and meat. There are no limits for the cooking enthusiast. Nevertheless, carbohydrates should only be part of the meal in small quantities.

In order to keep the insulin level constantly lowered towards evening, carbohydrates are completely avoided. Fish and meat, dairy products, and eggs in combination with salad and vegetables are on the menu. In addition, one should not eat late and ensure sufficient sleep at night.

Move-in the biorhythm

The best success with the Pape diet is achieved in combination with sufficient exercise and regular sports. In addition to moderate cardio training, there is a workout program. As training time 16 – 20 o’clock is recommended around the fat burn at night particularly to promote.


  • No annoying calorie counting.
  • Fruit and vegetable section.
  • The simple structure of the diet. Easy to understand and implement.
  • Sport is an important factor in the diet.
  • The book “Slim in your sleep” contains many different recipes.


  • 5 hours break leads to a strong feeling of hunger, especially in the beginning.
  • Eat full in the morning, many breakfast munchers can not.
  • An early evening meal is difficult to integrate into the working day. Especially when regular business meals are on the schedule.

Conclusion Pape diet

The core statement of the Pape diet, that losing weight is achieved by the strict separation of carbohydrates and proteins alone, is not true. It depends on the number of carbohydrates consumed and thus on the number of calories. Only through calorie reduction plus exercise can weight be reduced in the long term.
The separation of carbohydrates and protein in the Pape diet severely restricts the menu. For breakfast muffles and fast burners, the meal rhythm is a challenge that can hardly be mastered. Who can eat in the morning nothing, runs with the Pape Diät fast empty.
It is suitable for very disciplined people with an affinity for sports who want to see quick results and are willing to massively change their eating habits.

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