Potato Diet: Lose Weight With Potatoes – Is It Possible?

Unlike many low-carb diets that ban potatoes from the menu, they are supposed to help you lose weight, according to a US study. How does it work?

Fans of the tasty tuber watch out: According to a new scientific study, potatoes are not as bad for the figure as long assumed. So anyone who has removed them from their menu with a heavy heart can change that again with a clear conscience.

Is potato good for Diet?

As part of the study, which was published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, a team of American researchers looked at how a calorie-reduced diet and the glycemic index of foods affect weight. The glycemic index (GI for short) is a measure used to determine the effect of carbohydrate-containing food on blood sugar levels.

To find an answer to their question, Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman and her colleagues at the Illinois Institute of Technology took a close look at 90 overweight men and women. They were divided into three dietary groups for the 12-week study: The first group ate a low-calorie diet but was allowed to eat foods with a high GI. The second group also had to reduce its calorie intake and also restrict itself to foods with a low GI, while the third group was allowed to eat as it pleased without any restrictions. Potatoes, however, were on the diet of all participants.

Goodbye waistline – even with potatoes!

  • Surprisingly, all test subjects from all three groups lost weight – even if there were major differences between them in terms of their weight loss.
  • The women and men who followed the third and most relaxed diet plan had also – completely voluntarily – reduced their calorie consumption.
  • The conclusion remains the same: According to study leader Dr. Burton-Freeman, it is not worthwhile to exclude potatoes from one’s diet. Instead, you should cut calories.

Potatoes for diet: it all depends on the preparation.

If you want to enjoy the tuber’s health benefits, you should prepare them accordingly.

  • Firm-cooking varieties are the healthiest thanks to their low GI.
  • Early potatoes can be eaten with the skin on, as most of the nutrients are stored directly underneath.
  • All others are better enjoyed peeled, as small amounts of toxins are stored in the skin – and especially in the eyes and green parts – as they mature.

By the way, besides vitamin C, delicious potatoes also have a lot of high-quality protein, potassium, magnesium, copper, and numerous fibers. If you want to preserve the high nutrient content, you should cook them in a little water.

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