The Perfect Sour Cream: Why it Turns Liquid, How to Thicken it + Proven Recipe

Sour cream is considered one of the easiest – to whip the dairy product with sugar or condensed milk and then smear the cakes with it – what could be easier? However, it has its own nuances – when the cream stays liquid and does not thicken.

Why the sour cream turned out liquid – the main reasons

First, it is important to understand that the consistency of the cream depends on the fat content and quality of the sour cream. The cream can turn out liquid if you use low-quality sour cream, which has few natural ingredients, but a lot of different additives. The fat content is also important, because if it is below 25%, then the cream is more likely to be liquid.

Useful know-how to make the cream from sour cream 15 fat – transfer the sour cream to gauze, make a sack, hang it by the corners over a bowl and send the construction to the fridge for 8-10 hours. Keep in mind that in this case, you need to use 2-3 times more sour cream than specified in the recipe.

First, the cream may not thicken if you took not powdered sugar, but sand – large crystals dilute the cream. So grind the sugar in a coffee grinder or buy powder at once.

Third, the cream and sour cream must be chilled – if they are at room temperature, you will get a liquid cream. But even if the ingredients are at the right temperature, don’t whip too much, or the sour cream will separate into fat and water. As soon as the cream begins to thicken – turn off the mixer.

How to make sour cream for the cake thicker – options and ways

Thicken the sour cream can be made thicker with different products: gelatin, starch, flour, butter, cottage cheese, or cream.

  • Potato or corn starch – add 25 gr. of starch for 600 gr. of cream, beat with a mixer, and leave in a fridge for 30-60 minutes;
  • whole wheat flour – sift, pour 25 g of flour for 600 g of cream; add flour in portions and beat the cream;
  • Gelatin – dissolve 15 g of gelatin in warm water (for 600 g of cream), cool, pour into the cream, and beat with a mixer;
  • Butter – take 100 g of butter for 600 g of cream, soften, add it in pieces, and beat with a mixer;
    cottage cheese – add 400g of cottage cheese (for 600g of cream) to a container, rub it through a sieve, and mix.

You can also use a special thickener for sour cream – it is sold in stores. Two bags of thickener are enough for 500 grams of cream. It should be added to a container with cream, beat with a mixer, and then put in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Creamy Sour Cream Cake Cream – Recipe

  • sour cream 20% – 1 l;
  • powdered sugar – 3-4 tablespoons;
  • vanillin – on the tip of a knife.

Take a colander, and put it in a deep bowl. In a bowl, put gauze folded in four, and pour the sour cream on the gauze. Tie gauze corners together to make a sack. Place in a fridge overnight.

Remove the sour cream from the gauze into another container, stirring, add the powdered sugar and vanilla. Beat with a mixer until the desired consistency (about 10 minutes). Spread the ready cream on the cake cakes.

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