Washer Won’t Pen After Washing: 4 Ways to Open the Door

Some housewives are faced with a problem – the machine has reached the items, it would be time to take them out and hang them up, but no – the door turns out to be blocked. Sometimes you have to wait 2-3 minutes for the “Sesame” to open, but even after this time, the machine is not going to give back the laundry.

What to do if the washing machine does not open – a useful guide

So, you know that any washing machine does not open the door at once, it needs some time to “think” and finish the washing cycle, even if the timer shows the end of the process. As a rule, a few minutes is enough, but there are cases when the machine keeps holding the laundry hostage.

Switch off the electricity

Not the entire house, of course, but only to de-energize the washing machine. You need to pull the plug out of the socket and leave the machine in this position for 10-30 minutes. After that – gently press the lock on the door and try to open the device.

IMPORTANT: this method will help only if the problem is in the lock itself. The fact is that during washing, the thermoplastic inside is deformed, and the lock is locked. By de-energizing the machine, you will also deprive all the internal mechanisms of power, they will cool down and return to their original position.

Use an emergency cable

If you have a modern machine, it has a cable designed to open the door in an emergency. Look where the drain filter is located – that’s where the end of this cable is located. Most often, manufacturers paint it in bright colors to increase the chances of the “helper” is detected. Pull the cable – the door will open.

Use improvised means

Find a thin wire or rope in the house and gently slide it behind the washing machine hatch, to where the lock is located. The free ends should remain outside – in your hands. Next, you need to pull the ends of the rope or wire in the opposite direction from the hatch – that is, toward you or away from you. So you will catch the lock and open the door of the washing machine.

An alternative option is a plastic card, which should also be slipped into the lock area and pressed so that the mechanism triggered the opening.

Disassemble the washing machine

Do not be frightened – this method is feasible even for girls, nothing and never before disassembled. You will need:

  • remove the top cover of the washing machine;
  • look from above – you should see the jammed lock;
  • reach in with your hand and press the lock.

Note that in some devices you must first remove the back of the machine, and then – the top. And what you should definitely not do is to intensely jerk the door – you do not open it this way, but only break it, ensuring yourself the unexpected costs for the repair of the machine.

And in order to open the washing machine while washing, you only need to press the “Pause” button – but always once and quickly.

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Written by Emma Miller

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