What to Close for the Winter in October-November: A Canning Calendar

As a rule, the canning season ends in October and November. By this time the pantry or cellar shelves are full of delicious preserves, and housewives can only put the finishing touches.

Preserves for winter in October and November – options

Even now, at the end of the month, and then in the last month of autumn, you can still have time to preserve some tasty things, such as fruits and berries, as well as some vegetables and vegetable salads.

Mushrooms and onions

Quick-cooked pickled beech mushrooms – are one of the options for successful winter preservation. Every housewife can make them because mushrooms can now still be bought in the store or at the market at a more or less democratic price. Pickled mushrooms also participate in this list – depending on which mushrooms you prefer. Earlier, we also talked about how to cook oyster mushrooms, for those who want to roast them deliciously or pickle them for the winter.

You can even make pickled onions for the winter, so you always have access to a tangy vegetable to complement any dish.


Sauerkraut is considered one of the most delicious. Korean-style cabbage is another option for winter casserole, but for those who prefer spicy snacks. Well, for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on canning, just like a crispy sauerkraut quick cooking for 3 hours – it is especially convenient if you want to make such a snack for dinner.

Peppers and tomatoes

Bell peppers are a tasty and useful vegetable that can also be canned. Grandma’s echo for the winter – is also a good option, if you like this kind of canned food.

As for tomatoes, they cost quite a lot, but if you like this vegetable and want to close spicy tomatoes for the winter, the price should not embarrass you. The delicious starter will also be pickled tomatoes – they can be prepared directly to the table or rolled in jars. We also talked about how to cook green tomatoes deliciously – advice for those who prefer this kind of vegetable crop.

Vegetable dressings, pastes, and adjika

Vegetable dressing for the winter is a versatile canning, which can then be used to prepare a variety of dishes. Just as a borsch dressing for the winter is a wand of any hoarder. Georgian ajika is a unique sauce that is preferred by fans of spicy, so we highly recommend making it. Tomato paste for the winter – a successful starter for those who think ahead – making it, you will not have to waste time each time for such a dressing in the future.

Beans and Beets

Beans in tomato for the winter – a delicious canning option not only for vegetarians but also for those who just like legumes. Beet caviar for the winter is a delicious and healthy preparation, which is now available to everyone because the vegetable in stores is very cheap.

Apples and raspberries

Despite the fact that apple trees no longer bear fruit, you can find cheap varieties in stores. You can make some tasty preserves from them. Previously, we talked about what you can make from apples for the winter – the list indicated jams, jams, and various deliciousness. Apple jam for the winter – another useful preparation, which is loved by both adults and children. Many of you may come in the handy recipe for apple compote for the winter – a delicious and healthy drink.

Answering the question about what to cook from cranberries, we give an example of some of the most successful options for winter berry preservation.

Pumpkin and sea buckthorn

Pickled pumpkin for the winter – an unusual preparation, which is quite possible to make in October and November – there is a large selection of this culture on store shelves. For those who are interested in how to save sea buckthorn for winter, in order to always have access to the useful berry.


Nuts are also an affordable product for canning that can be used quite well. For example, nut jam is not only delicious and healthy but also very easy even for those who have never canned anything. If for some reason this option does not suit you and the question of what to make from nuts for the winter still remains, we have collected several recipes for ajika, Kozak, and other original dishes.

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