What To Eat If You Really Want To…

Listen to yourself, what you want to eat now, and I will tell you what you lack in your body.
If you want:

  • Chocolate, then you lack magnesium, which is found in nuts, seeds, fruits, and legumes.
  • Bread – lack of nitrogen. It is in foods with high protein content (fish, meat, nuts, beans).
  • Chewing on ice is a sign of iron deficiency (fish, seaweed, meat, greens).
  • If you can’t imagine your life without a lot of coffee and tea, then you need to consume more foods containing sulfur, which is found in horseradish, mountain ash, and all types of cabbage.
  • A strong desire to drink alcoholic beverages can arise due to a lack of protein (red meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products).
  • If you want to drink a lot of soda, then you also lack calcium.
  • If you feel hungry all the time, then you need to pay attention to foods high in tryptophan (cheese, liver, raisins, spinach) and tyrosine (red, orange, green fruits, and vegetables).
  • If you lose your appetite completely, you lack B vitamins, namely B1 (nuts, seeds, liver, legumes) and B2 (tuna, halibut, veal, chicken, pork, and legumes).
  • If you want to smoke, then your body probably lacks silicon (nuts, seeds) and tyrosine (red, orange, green fruits and vegetables).

You just want something…

  • sweet – lack of glucose (contained in fruits, berries, honey, and sweet vegetables).
  • salty – lack of chlorides (found in unboiled goat’s milk, fish, and unrefined sea salt).
  • sour – lack of vitamin C (contained in rose hips, lemons, kiwi, cranberries, Brussels sprouts, currants, and strawberries).
  • smoked foods – lack of cholesterol (found in redfish, olives, avocados, nuts).
    fatty foods – lack of calcium (contained in broccoli, green beans, cottage cheese, sesame seeds).
  • burnt food – lack of carbon (contained in fresh fruit).

What is missing in the body if you want to …

  • cheese – lack of calcium and phosphorus (found in milk and broccoli).
  • butter – lack of vitamin D.
  • sunflower seeds – lack antioxidant vitamins (especially common in smokers).
  • herring – lack of proper fats.
  • seafood – iodine deficiency (use iodized salt).
  • ice cream – lack of calcium (people with impaired carbohydrate metabolism are especially fond of it).
  • milk and fermented dairy products – lack of calcium or essential amino acids – tryptophan,
  • lysine, and leucine.
  • olives and olives – lack sodium salts.
  • dried apricots – lack of vitamin A.
  • melon – lack of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, as well as vitamins A and C.
  • bananas – lack of potassium or drink a lot of coffee, hence the lack of potassium (found in tomatoes, white beans, and figs).
  • peanuts (peanut butter) – lack of B vitamins (found in nuts, beans, meat, and fish).
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Written by Bella Adams

I'm a professionally-trained, executive chef with over ten years in Restaurant Culinary and hospitality management. Experienced in specialized diets, including Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw foods, whole food, plant-based, allergy-friendly, farm-to-table, and more. Outside of the kitchen, I write about lifestyle factors that impact well-being.

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