Why Cats Stick Their Butts in People’s Faces: The Reason for This Behavior May be Surprising

If a person is an experienced cat owner, this behavior will not surprise him, because he knows that cats find it necessary to poke their butt in the owner’s face.

Owners of cats have repeatedly encountered the situation when their pet comes up to them and uncomplicatedly pokes his butt in their face while they are sitting on the couch, for example.

At first, the person thinks that the cat did it accidentally, but then the situation repeats and it becomes clear that the cat is sticking its butt in the person’s face for a reason.

If a person is an experienced cat owner, he is not surprised by this behavior, because he knows that cats find it necessary to poke their butt in the owner’s face.

When a cat turns its back to its owner, this is its normal behavior and there are several logical reasons for this. Cats think that when they turn their backs to their face, it is a gesture of favor to their owner. This is their way of inviting communication.

That is, if your cat regularly puts its butt up to its face, consider it a compliment and a sign of friendship. When a cat lays her butt against your face, it shows how much she trusts you, she knows that you won’t hurt her, and she knows that you will protect her if an outside threat approaches.

In short, if you’ve been wondering why a cat lifts its butt up to your face, the answer is simple, it’s friendly behavior, not an insult.

It is possible that after the cat shows his butt, he will put his belly up. The answer to the question of why the cat puts up its belly is also very simple: it’s as if it’s telling you to pet it, and show affection. They can do their business by the litter box or directly on the couch. In this case, you need to act quickly and follow the rules.

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